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Psychiatry is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and prevention of various kinds of mental health disorders such as bipolar disorder, depression, personality disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, etc. The diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders are vital to prevent the problems that disrupt normal life.

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre offers a wide range of the most commonly used tests such as Clozapine, Bupropion, Paroxetine, HLA-A2, HLA B-38, etc. related to mental health for detecting the various kinds of mental health disorders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Thyroid Function Tests
  • Liver Function Tests
  • Kidney Function Tests
  • Vitamin Deficiency Test
  • Mineral Deficiency Tests
  • Toxicology Screen

The possible reasons that the psychiatrist orders the blood test. If it helps to determine if your treatments are considered to be safe and then the screening for your certain conditions that it would necessitate in prescribing in the certain medications over the others (e.g., blood, heart, thyroid, and the kidney conditions).

The Panel blood tests include the CMP, the Lipid Panel, the CBC, the Ceruloplasmin, the Copper, the Histamine, the Homocysteine, the Magnesium the RBC, the Vitamin B6, and the Zinc.

By examining your RNA biomarkers in the blood, the researchers would be able identify the participant's state of the anxiety and it match’s the with your medications and the nutraceuticals, how effective would the different options could be based on the biology.

Test that is used to measure your amount of the serotonin in the blood that the medical professionals would typically use this test to check for any tumors that produce the serotonin outside your brain. The blood level of the serotonin doesn’t reflect the amount in the brain.

₹11000 - ₹ 8800
₹17110 - ₹ 13688
₹700 - ₹ 350
₹1000 - ₹ 500
₹850 - ₹ 425
₹850 - ₹ 425
₹1000 - ₹ 800
₹5520 - ₹ 4416
₹5520 - ₹ 4416
₹17850 - ₹ 8925

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