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PFT Test Pulmonary function tests (PFT) are a group of diagnostic tests for respiratory health conditions. These tests analyse the lungs and determine various parameters such as lungs’ capacity, lungs’ volume, gas exchange, etc. The PFTs aid doctor in deciding the most effective treatment plan for a variety of respiratory health issues and lung disorders. It is mostly recommended to detect the cause of the lung conditions symptoms such as cough, shortness of breath, wheezing, chest pain, difficulty breathing, etc. 

Why are Pulmonary Function Tests Done?

Pulmonary function tests are performed to diagnose various conditions such as:

What are the Types of Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs)?

What is the procedure for Pulmonary Function Test?

 The technician will put nose clips on your nose to ensure that you breathe only through the mouth. A mouthpiece will be placed around your lips and you will be given instructions regarding breathing in and out. 

How Does One Prepare for the Pulmonary Function Tests? 

The precautions you need to follow before pulmonary function tests are:

What is the Price of a Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) in Delhi 

The Pulmonary Function Tests (PFTs) cost in Delhi is Rs. 3000. But with Ganesh Diagnostic, you can avail the discount of 50% on PFTs.

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To provide hassle-free diagnostic service we also provide online service to book your appointment. At Ganesh Diagnostic, you can book PFT test online by scheduling your appointment. Schedule now for a comprehensive health assessment. We are 24/7 Available at your service.

Frequently Asked Questions


PFT Test detects respiratory conditions such as asthma, lung fibrosis, bronchitis as well as emphysema. It also detects the cause of shortness of breath. This is a group of tests that assess the functions of the lungs and measure how well the lungs work. It aids in detecting lung conditions, monitoring the progression of the disease, and the effectiveness of treatment. In other words, we can say that PETs evaluate the overall health of the lungs.

PFT tests are of the following types:

  • Spirometry
  • Lung volume measurement test
  • Lung diffusion capacity test
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise test
  • Gas diffusion study
  • Arterial blood gas testing

The benefits of Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) are:

  • Detection of various respiratory conditions such as Asthma Lung fibrosis, Lung cancer, and Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • Monitor the functions of the lungs before any surgical procedure.
  • Monitor the progression of lung disease
  • Planning treatment for lung conditions

Measure the effectiveness of the treatment

PFTs test takes around 20 minutes to 60 minutes, depending on the individuals’ conditions as well as the test performed. Because the PFT test is a group of multiple tests such as Spirometry, Lung volume measurement test, Lung diffusion capacity test, Cardiopulmonary exercise test, Gas diffusion study, and Arterial blood gas testing. So, depending on the tests performed, the duration of the PFT test varies.

No, you can’t eat before a pulmonary function test. It is usually recommended not to consume heavy meals and caffeine-containing products before the PFTs test. You may ask to avoid intaking excessive fluid for a few hours before the procedure. For accurate results, it is always advised to follow the instructions of the doctor.

The primary focus is on evaluating lung function. It does not directly detect heart-related problems. Because some heart conditions affect the functioning of the lungs. Spirometry test which is the type of PFTs provides information that helps in assessing respiratory as well as cardiovascular health.

The normal range for PFT test results can vary depending on factors such as age, height, gender, and laboratory. PFT test measures various parameters such as:

The normal range of parameters measured through the Pulmonary function test is:

  • FEV normally ranges from 80% to 120 %
  • FVC normally ranges from 80% to 120%
  • TLC normally ranges from 80% to 120%
  • FRC normally ranges from 75% to 120%
  • RV normally ranges from   75% to 120%
  • DLCO normally ranges from > 60% to < 120%

The normal PFT test is lung function is normal and there are no significant symptoms of any respiratory conditions or abnormalities in the tested parameters. Normal PFT test results depend on the parameters such as a person's age, height, and gender.

The cost of the Lung test (Pulmonary Function test) in Delhi ranges from INR 1500 to INR 4000. A lung test is a group of different tests that are performed to detect respiratory health issues. This test measures the capacity of the lungs, gas exchange, flow rate, etc.

At Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre, you can avail of the lung test at a discount of 50%.

Here are some general guidelines to prepare for a PFT Test:

  • Inform your healthcare provider regarding your prescribed medications and follow the instructions regarding the use of medication because some medications need to be stopped temporarily before the test.
  • Avoid large meals before the test at least for 2 hours
  • Avoid water intake for at least 2 hours before the test
  • Do not wear tight clothing so that you can deep breath comfortably before the test because tight-fitting clothing may restrict the breathing
  • Avoid smoke and caffeinated products for at least for 4 hours before the test
  • Avoid exposure to strong odors and respiratory irritants

The cost of PFT ranges from INR 2000 to INR 4000, depending on the geographic location of the diagnostic center, the technology used, and the reputation of the diagnostic center. We, at Ganesh Diagnostic, offer the PFTs test at a huge discount of 50% as well as we are empanelled with various prestigious government and non-government organizations. So, if you are a beneficiary of any of empanelled organizations, then you can get the PFT test at approved panel rates.

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre is the best diagnostic lab for PFT Tests in Delhi. We are staffed with highly experienced radiologists and technologists. Our expert team utilizes advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology to perform PFT tests for the diagnosis of respiratory health issues.  We are well recommended by patients as well as doctors because of our precise results, 24x7 availability, and quality services.

The necessity of pulmonary function tests depends on the medical history, symptoms, and health condition of the patients as well as the result of other diagnostic procedures. A PFT is a non-invasive test that measures lung function and helps diagnose and monitor respiratory conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and other lung diseases.

The procedure of Pulmonary function test is generally considered safe. But some patients experience temporary symptoms such as:

  • Discomfort
  • Dizziness due to deep breathing or exertion
  • Shortness of breath
  • Coughing
  • Wheezing etc.

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