Pulmonary Function Test

PFT is an acronym for Pulmonary function tests. It is an array of non-invasive diagnostic tests that are performed to evaluate the functions of the lungs. The tests measure the capacity of lungs, volume, rate of flow, and gas exchange. The PFT tests make doctors enable to prepare an effective and customized treatment plan for various kinds of lung disorders and illnesses. These tests can easily detect a variety of lung disorders with different set of symptoms.

Types of Pulmonary Function Tests

Pulmonary function tests are of 8 types

  • Spirometry : This type of test is one of the most frequently used lung tests, which measures the quantity of air inhaled and exhaled. It also evaluates how quickly the lungs push the air out.
  • Body plethysmography : This test measures the amount of air left in the lungs after exhalation. For this test, to measure the amount of air in the lungs, you require to take a deep breath.
  • Lung diffusion capacity : This test is used to evaluate how thoroughly the air goes from your lungs and into the bloodstream. 
  • Bronchial provocation test : This test is performed specifically to diagnose the problems like asthma and its severity. It checks the airways to determine how narrow they get during an asthma attack. 
  • Cardiopulmonary exercise stress test : This is a dual-purpose lung test that evaluates the strength of the lungs as well as the heart. It is usually recommended for people with heart diseases or lung’s related issues. 
  • Pulse oximetry test : This blood test is conducted to measure the level of oxygen in the blood 
  • Arterial blood gas test : This blood test is performed to check the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the body. 
  • Fractional exhaled nitric oxide test : The nitric oxide levels in the body can lead to rising because of a variety of asthmatic conditions. This test is performed to measure the amount of nitric oxide gas present in the exhaled breath. 

Why is it done?

  • To detect lung cancer
  • To detect asthma problem
  • To detect COPD
  • To detect allergies
  • To detect lung infection

What is the procedure for Pulmonary Function Test?

Every PFT test is performed to assess various factors, Hence the procedure for every test is different.

A radiologist will explain.

How does one prepare for the test?

  • Before the procedure, you need to empty your bladder.
  • You will sit in a chair and a soft clip will be put on your nose so that all of your breathing is done through your mouth.
  • A sterile mouthpiece will be given to you and that is attached to a spirometer.
  • To inhale and exhale in different ways, multiple techniques will be used.
  • After certain tests, you may be given a bronchodilator and the tests will then be repeated several minutes later after the bronchodilator has taken effect.

After care

>>No care is required.

The price of a Pulmonary Function Test in Delhi

>>The Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) price is Rs. 3000

Test Type: - Pulmonary Function Test


  • Avoid eating large meals and items containing caffeine on the day of the test
  • Avoid smoking at least 1 hour before the test.
  • Avoid strenuous exercise on the day of the test
  • Wear dentures or removable dental applications to ensure the mouth will fit tightly around a mouthpiece used for the test.
  • Wear loose clothes as tight clothes may restrict breathing.

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