Types of NCV Test and Its Price List in Delhi, India

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₹ 4200 - ₹3360
₹ 4200 - ₹3360
₹ 4200 - ₹3360
₹ 4200 - ₹3360
₹ 4200 - ₹3360
₹ 4200 - ₹3360
₹ 5000 - ₹4000

What is an NCV Test?

 A nerve conduction velocity (NCV) test detects a variety of nervous system issues that affect nerve functions. It identifies the damage to the nerves as well as dysfunction by measuring the speed at which electrical impulses move through the nerves. This test confirms whether there is any damage to nerves or the nervous system is working well. It not only confirms the nerve damage but also provides information about the location and severity of the damage to the nerves.

Why is an NCV Test Done? 

NCV test is used for detecting several health conditions such as: 

What is the Procedure for the NCV Test?

The technologist will attach multiple small electrodes to the skin to transfer mild electrical current to the nerve. The time taken by an electrical current to transfer will be recorded to detect neurological issues. 

How Do I Prepare for the NCV Test?

Are there any Risks associated with the NCV Test?

No, there are no severe risks associated with the NCV test. However, you may experience a tingling sensation, burning sensation, and discomfort during the test. 

What is the price of an NCV Test? 

The price of an NCV test typically ranges from INR 2500 To INR 4000 and varies depending on the type of NCV test, location, reputation, and technology used by the diagnostic centre where the test is performed. Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre offers an attractive discount of 50% on all types of NCV tests.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The NCV Test measures the electric activities in the muscles. It is used to diagnose various muscular and neuromuscular issues. It is usually recommended for patients when they experience the symptoms such as numbness, tingling sensation, burning sensation, unexplained muscle weakness, pain as well as cramping, etc.

No, the nerve conduction velocity test is not painful. Because the test involves a small electrical shock so you may experience little discomfort depending on the strength of the intensity of the pulse. Once the test is completed, the discomfort vanishes.

NCV is used to diagnose neurological issues. You need the nerve conduction velocity test to diagnose neurological conditions such as Herniated disc, Guillain-Barre syndrome, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Sciatic nerve problem, Pinched nerve, and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, etc.

For performing NCV Test, the technician will ask you to remove the metallic objects from your body and change into a hospital gown. The technician will place the recording electrodes on the skin over your nerves to be studied and place the stimulating electrode away from the recording electrodes. The technician will give a mild electrical shock through the stimulating electrode to stimulate the nerve and record the response of the nerve. You may experience little discomfort during the procedure that will vanish on the completion of the procedure.

An NCV Test may take around 15 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the condition of the patient. Depending on the condition of the patients, the doctor decides how many nerves and muscles to be tested.

The cost of an NCV Test in Delhi varies from diagnostic center to diagnostic center. It generally ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 6000, depending on various factors like the area to be studied, the location of the diagnostic center, and the technology used. Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre offers up to 50% discount on NCV Tests.

The abnormal result of the NCV test indicates that there may be nerve damage or dysfunction but does not give information about the cause of damage to the nerves.

To prepare for the nerve conduction velocity test, you need to follow the instructions such as:

  • Shower properly on the day of the test to remove oil from your body.
  • Avoid using oil, cream, or lotion on the day of your testing procedure.
  • Eat your normal diet but avoid consuming food containing caffeine.
  • Inform the technician/ radiologist if you have a pacemaker.
  • Inform the healthcare provider if you are on any blood thinning medications because you may be asked to avoid using the medicine on the day of the testing procedure.

Yes, the NCV test is safe. It does not pose any harmful risks. The patient may experience little discomfort from electrical stimulation, slight bruising, and tenderness at the site of needling.

₹4200 - ₹ 3360
₹4200 - ₹ 3360
₹4200 - ₹ 3360
₹4200 - ₹ 3360
₹4200 - ₹ 3360
₹4200 - ₹ 3360
₹5000 - ₹ 4000

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