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Orthopaedics also known as orthopaedics surgery is a type of medical speciality that deals with the issues of human muscles and skeletal system. This system in made up of our bodily muscles, bones , joints and tendons. A person who treats Orthopaedics issues is called orthopaedist. orthopaedist can use surgical or non-surgical methods to treat muscle and skeletal related issues like fracture, join pain and back ache.

The orthopaedics surgeon before the diagnoses will ask about the history of your illness or injury and then he will use diagnostic studies like X-rays and blood test to treat the patient.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The related blood test which is known as the anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide (anti-CCP).The Anti-CCPs are the antibodies are also produced by your immune system. The individuals who test the positive for your anti-CCP would likely be able to develop rheumatoid arthritis, but not everybody suffering from rheumatoid arthritis with this antibody.

The HLA typing: This test that looks for the presence of the certain genetic markers in your bloodstream that would be associated with any increased risk of arthritis. The Uric Acid test: The Levels of the uric acid in your blood are also measured to test for the gout.

Arthropathy is considered to be a frequent and a serious complication of your repeated joint bleeding in the patients with either hemophilia, resulting in your pain, any deformity, and disability of the patient.

Checking for the blood, the tissues and the various body fluids that aid the doctors in diagnosing and monitoring arthritis. With your Blood and lab tests that plays a critical role in the diagnosing and also in monitoring arthritis.

Complete Blood Count (CBC) 

This test helps in identification of your issues with any infections or inflammation, clotting abnormalities, in anemia, with nutritional deficiencies, in blood cancer, with immune system disorders and even more.

Your healthcare professional would order vitamin D test if incase of the signs or symptoms of the bone condition that would be related to the vitamin D deficiency (in very low levels of vitamin D), such as: In Bone pain, muscle weakness or the aches.

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