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Diabetology is a specialized field of science and a branch of Endocrinology that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of all types of diabetes such as Diabetes Type 1, Diabetes Type 2, Diabetes Type 3, and Gestational Diabetes.  Diabetes is a common metabolic disease that causes a high level of blood sugar. At a severe level, the production of insulin is not sufficient.

We, at Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre, offer a variety of tests under the Diabetology specialization for diagnosis of the diabetes problem at an early stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The fasting blood sugar level is less than the value of your 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L) is considered to be normal. The fasting blood sugar level that ranges from the value of 100 to 125 mg/dL (5.6 to 6.9 mmol/L) is considered in the prediabetes range. With the value of 126 mg/dL (7 mmol/L) or even higher on the two separate tests, indicates diabetes.

The healthcare professional would aid ask you for the following blood tests to confirm your diagnosis:

  • HbA1C Test
  • Fasting Blood Sugar Test
  • Glucose Screening Test
  • Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Random Blood Sugar Test

Your diagnosis in the diabetes screening usually could be undertaken when the person exhibits the different symptoms or any signs of your disease. The aim of your screening would be to identify any high risk for the non-symptomatic individuals who could have diabetes. The Separate diagnostic tests use the standard criteria that will be used in the screening of diabetes.

The HbA1c test is your main blood test that would be used in the diagnosis of the diabetes. It also tests your average blood sugar levels for two to the three months. You generally will not need to prepare for the HbA1c

The glucose challenge test, also called the one-hour glucose tolerance test, measures the body's response to sugar, called glucose. The glucose challenge test is done during pregnancy. The purpose of this test is to check for diabetes that develops during pregnancy. This condition is called as gestational diabetes.

The urine glucose testing will be used to screen and monitor the diabetes test. But the urine glucose testing is not considered to be an accurate in comparison to the blood glucose testing, so the blood tests could be commonly used in the diagnosis and monitor diabetes.

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