Hypertension Profile package

hypertension pro-2 package

Hypertension PRO-2 Package

In this fast-paced world, everyone suffers from hypertension and hypertension-related diseases. High blood pressure (hypertension) is a major issue in today's world. So please protect yourself from this and get regular hypertension checks to deal with it.

Here is the list of the test that comes into the Hypertension Profile package:

  1. Blood Glucose (fasting) - The blood sugar level is the amount of sugar present in the blood. This blood test is performed at two stages as F(fasting), PP (Post Prandial). The blood test F (fasting) gives vital clues about how the body is managing blood sugar levels. 
  2. Serum Urea Test - A serum urea nitrogen test determines the amount of urea nitrogen in the blood.
  3. Serum creatinine - A creatinine test determines how well your kidneys do their job of filtering waste from your blood.
  4. Sodium Test - A sodium blood test is a simple test that can be used to assess your overall health. It can be used to detect and monitor conditions that affect your body's fluid, electrolyte,
  5. Potassium Test - The test is frequently performed as part of an electrolyte panel, which is a group of routine blood tests. It can be used to monitor or diagnose conditions associated with elevated potassium levels. Kidney disease, high blood pressure, and heart disease are examples of these conditions.
  6. Chloride Test - A chloride test is usually performed as part of a routine blood screening to check your overall health. It is also used to aid in the diagnosis of conditions caused by an imbalance of acids or fluids in your body.
  7. Lipid Profile Test - this is a blood test that can determine the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood.
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Test Type Hypertension PRO-2 Package

Hypertension PRO-2 Package (Health Package)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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