An ultrasound scan, often known as a sonogram, is a treatment that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce an image of a portion of the inside of the body. A variety of diseases and ailments can be diagnosed, most ultrasound examinations use ultrasound equipment that is outside of your body.

Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre is the best ultrasound centre in Delhi NCR offers the ultrasound service for various conditions: During pregnancy, observe the uterus and ovaries and keep an eye on the health of the unborn child; Identify gallbladder illness; Assess the blood flow; For a biopsy or tumor treatment; Check a breast lump; Verify your thyroid function; Identify genitalia and prostate issues; Evaluation of joint inflammation; Consider metabolic bone disease, etc. We have the most recent tools and cutting-edge technologies available. Our skilled and knowledgeable team performs ultrasound scans for a variety of conditions, including pregnancy, the pelvis, the lower, middle, and whole abdomen, level 2 twins, the thyroid, the KUB, the leg, and the head.

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