Neck Ultrasound Procedure

Neck Ultrasound Procedure

Neck Ultrasound Procedure

An imaging technique called neck ultrasound aids in the visualization of the neck's blood arteries and glands. It is utilized to find any swelling, malignant growth, cyst, or nodule in the neck region. Doctors advise patients to have their thyroid, lymph nodes, and carotid arteries examined for any anomalies.

Why is Neck Ultrasound Done?

If your doctor suspects a problem or a developing issue in your thyroid, lymph nodes, or carotid arteries, they will prescribe an ultrasound of the neck.


No specific preparation is needed. You can generally eat and drink before. It is helpful to avoid wearing jewellery like necklaces and dangly earrings and to wear garments that can be easily taken off around the neck.


It simple and painless procedure. Your neck's skin will be treated with gel by the sonographer, who will then gently scan the area with a little probe. Although the gel may initially seem cold, it quickly warms up. While taking the test, they will view the images on a computer monitor. Depending on whether a fine needle aspirate is necessary, the test can take anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes.

After Care

You can immediately eat, drink, and resume all of your regular activities.