A Comprehensive Guide to MRI Brachial Plexus and its Procedure

A Comprehensive Guide to MRI Brachial Plexus and its Procedure

Brachial plexus is a web of nerves located in the neck and shoulder region and supplies the skin and muscles of your upper limb. It is divided into:

What is MRI Brachial Plexus?

Brachial plexus is a web of nerves located in the neck and shoulder region and supplies the skin and muscles of your upper limb. It is divided into:

  • Roots
  • Trunks
  • Divisions
  • Cords
  • Branches

MRI Brachial plexus is a diagnostic tool that is used for the detailed assessment and evaluation of brachial plexus and its surrounding structures. It demonstrates the complete anatomy of brachial plexus including the roots, trunks, divisions and cords. It also highlights the fascicular pattern, course, caliber and integrity of brachial plexus and adjacent structures.

MRI Brachial plexus is a non -invasive procedure and is considered the imaging modality of choice for demonstration of pathological conditions of Brachial plexus, its complex anatomy along with its distribution.

What are the uses of MRI Brachial Plexus?

MRI Brachial plexus is indicated for the diagnosis and assessment of the following:

1) Trauma to Brachial plexus - MRI Brachial plexus have shown  a crucial role in differentiation of preganglionic v/s postganglionic injuries, which is vital for deciding the management  of brachial plexus injury, especially in case of trauma.

2) Primary and secondary tumours involving the brachial plexus

3) Birth injury to brachial plexus like ERB palsy

4) Brachial plexitis which may be immune mediated

5) Perineural pathology

7) Metastases

8) Compression of Brachial plexus

9) Any pathological condition of adjacent structures

10) Radiation neuropathy

11) Infective conditions affecting brachial plexus

12) Damage to Brachial plexus from over stretching

13) Birth defects

14) Toxin mediated damage

15) Atrophy of muscles of upper limb

16) Inability to move shoulder, arm, hand or fingers

17) Diminished reflexes in the upper limb

18) Deformities of arm or hand.

19) Loss of muscle strength in upper extremity etc.

What are the patient preparations for MRI Brachial Plexus?

1) Schedule an appointment- Fix an appointment in a Diagnostic center having the facility of MRI brachial plexus as it is available in limited centers.

2) Food and Medications- Follow your daily routine unless specified otherwise by your health care professional.

3) Medical reports- Don’t forget to carry all relevant medical reports along with you while going for MRI Brachial plexus.

4) Implants- Don’t forget to inform your doctor about any implant in your body like cardiac implant, neurostimulators ,inner ear implants or any type of hearing aids. MRI utilizes strong magnetic fields and implants may lead to safety issues and health hazards.

5) Clothing - Wear outfits as comfortable as possible and that are easy to put on and off.  

6) Pregnancy - Inform your Doctor about pregnancy if you are pregnant so that the Doctor can evaluate the risk vs benefit ratio.

7) Claustrophobia and anxiety - If you have claustrophobia or anxiety issues then don’t hesitate to tell your Doctor about it. He may give you sedative or some alternatives to help overcome this while performing scan.

8) Allergy- Inform your doctor about prior history of allergy to any medications.

9) Take a company-  Go with friend or family member to have mental ,emotional support and to drive you back to home.

What is the procedure for MRI Brachial Plexus?

1) Written consent will be taken from you before you enter the MRI scanner room.

2) You will be asked to remove all the metallic elements like jewelry, metallic hair clips, metallic underwired bras, keys, coins, cards containing metallic strips, wallet, belts, goggles, hearing aids etc.

3) After that you will be asked to change your clothes and wear a gown given to you by the technician assisting the procedure.

4) You will be provided with head phones or ear plugs to make you feel more comfortable and protect you from the sounds produced by the machine.

5) If you have Claustrophobia, then you may be given sedatives or some other alternatives to make you feel relax during the procedure.

6) If contrast MRI Brachial plexus is scheduled then your assisting Doctor will tell you about all the possible side effects of using contrast agents such as rash, itching, swelling etc. Your   KFT report will be required if you have any kidney disease, pathology to check your GFR. Because contrast agent, Gadolinium should not be given to a patient with a GFR <30.  

7) Then you will be positioned on MRI table which will slide and place you inside the MRI scanner.

8) You need to lie still during the procedure as body movements may interfere with the quality of images produced. Your Radiologist will take several images of Brachial plexus and the adjacent tissues to evaluate the underlying pathology and at the end these images will be interpretated for making a definite diagnosis.

) Once the procedure get over you may be allowed to exit the scanner room. However, if contrast has been done then you will be asked to wait in the observation room for some time, to check for any possible adverse effect of contrast agent being used.

10 ) You will get reports on the next day. However, you may get the image films on the same day if required by your Doctor.

How much time taken to do MRI Brachial Plexus?

MRI Brachial plexus is a diagnostic procedure used to evaluate the likely cause of Brachial plexopathies which presents with pain, weakness or numbness in the affected region.

It is non -invasive techniques which demonstrate the clear anatomy of brachial plexus, intraneural integrity of brachial plexus and the adjacent structures.

It usually takes about 30-40 minutes in the MRI assessment of Brachial plexus.

However, it may last longer too depending upon the severity of condition and associated co-morbidities or if contrast agents are being used during the procedure.

What are the charges of MRI Brachial Plexus?

Cost of MRI Brachial plexus depends upon many factors and usually varies with city and locality. Different Diagnostic centers in the same city charges differently depending upon the offers availing in them and the quality of service they provide.

MRI Brachial plexus is usually not available at every diagnostic center and hospital as it requires costly machines and highly skilled Radiologists to do the scan. If you don’t want your money to be wasted then choose the right diagnostic center wisely.

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