Whole Abdominal Ultrasound

What Is Ultrasound For The Whole Abdomen?
This test helps to examine the organs present in the lower abdomen of our body, such as the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. It can also help us examine how some of the blood vessels in this area work.

Why Is It Done?

Doctors recommend this test to look for any underlying problems in the whole abdomen concerns like:

  • Determine the source of your stomach pain.
  • Find out what's causing your kidney infections.
  • Tumors and malignancies are diagnosed and monitored.
  • Examine your gallbladder and kidneys for stones.

What Is The Procedure For USG Whole Abdomen?
The USG whole abdomen test procedure will be performed while lying down. The skin around the abdomen is treated with a transparent, water-based conductive gel. The abdomen is next probed using a handheld tool known as a transducer. The test can take up to 30 minutes in most cases.

How Does One Prepare For This Test?
The problem will determine how you will prepare for the test. You will most likely be requested not to eat for several hours with a full bladder, and you need to drink a lot of water before assessing the test. What you need to do will be discussed by your doctor in detail.

Since this test is safe and has no side effects, the physician will wipe off the gel, and aftercare should include a healthy diet.

Cost of Ultrasound Whole abdomen in Delhi
Getting the USG whole abdomen test from a recognized diagnostic center is prescribed. However, the cost could range from INR 500 to INR 1500 if you seek USG's entire abdomen test price near me in Delhi.



Test Type Whole Abdominal Ultrasound
  • 4-6 Hours Fasting is required. 
  • Prescription is mandatory for female patients with doctor’s sign, stamp, with DMC/HMC number; as per PC-PNDT Act. 
  • Please carry a valid Photo ID. 

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