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PET Scan center in Pehladpur Bangar Phase 1

PET Scan is most advance diagnostic procedure that provides functional imaging of soft and hard tissues.

GANESH DIAGNOSTIC & IMAGING CENTRE is one of the best diagnostic centers in Pehladpur Bangar Phase 1

We are one of the leading PET  scan centers in Pehladpur Bangar Phase 1 providing world class imaging services. We also offer MRI Scan in Pehladpur Bangar Phase 1 at affordable price with top notch quality.

We offer fast and accurate PET scan in Pehladpur Bangar Phase 1 at the best possible price. There are no hidden fees.

Ganesh diagnostics also performs Whole Body PET CT Scan (FDG), DOTA PET SCAN, and CARDIAC PET SCAN AND MANY MORE.

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  • 24X7X365 services
  • Free Ambulance Service
  • 24X7 consultation and support for booking appointment
  • 50% discount on all types of PET SCAN
  • Equipped with world best PET Machine ( Philips Gemini TF)

Types Of PET Scan Available In Gdic

All types of PET scan are available at Ganesh Diagnostic Centre including: 

What is PET CT Scan?

Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan also known as PET imaging, it’s a type of nuclear medicine imaging.

The tracer is used which can be swallows, injected or inhaled. PET  is a combination of CT technique with PET scanner that works together to produce images of the human body which enables the healthcare worker to plan the process of cancer treatment further

why you need PET Scan?

PET CT is used to detect multiple conditions like-

  • To detect cancer
  • Detect the metastasis or spreading of cancer in the body
  • Monitor the effects of the treatment
  • Determine the heart attack myocardial infarction
  • Brain abnormalities like- tumors, seizures, memory disorders, and other central nervous system disorders.

how much time it takes during the procedure of PET Scan?

IT takes approximately 2 hours.

Up to 60 minutes are required to begin the scanning procedure after giving an intravenous radioactive agent. Whereas the actual process of PET scan takes approx. 30-40 minutes. However, it may last longer depending upon the severity of your illness and associated co-morbid conditions. 


If it matters to you its matter to us

With over 2 Lakhs PET Scans having been performed in our centre and no reports of any side effects from radiotracer is observed. A small amount of radiation exposure is involved in PET scan.

We have well qualified experienced radiologist to offer you a best service and care.

how much PET Scan cost in india?

Ganesh diagnostic and imaging centre has the most reasonable price in Pehladpur Bangar Phase 1.

The average cost of PET scan in India ranges from 10000 to 35000 INR. However the price may vary.

note from ganesh diagnostic and imaging centre

GDIC uses state art technology to accurately visualize conditions. It is one of the best PET scan centre India. Our HD PET allows quality images, better contrast and clear images.

An expert team of specialists assures you to give best and accurate reports.

Ganesh Diagnostic centre proudly claims that our services are provided in safe and hygienic environment. We believe in providing best PET Scan which is affordable to common man without compromising quality.