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An FDG-PET (Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography) scan is a type of medical imaging test that uses a special camera and a small amount of radioactive tracer (FDG) to produce detailed pictures of the inside of the body.

Why is FDG-PET Scan Done?

FDG-PET scans are used to detect and diagnose various medical conditions, including cancer, heart disease, and neurological disorders. The radioactive tracer used in the test is absorbed by cells in the body that are active, such as cancer cells or inflamed tissues, and the scanner can detect the areas where the tracer has accumulated.

What is the Procedure for an FDG-PET Scan?

During the procedure, the patient is injected with a small amount of the radioactive tracer, which typically takes about an hour to distribute throughout the body. The patient then lies down on a table that slides into the scanner, and the images are captured over several minutes.

How do I Need to prepare for FDG-PET Scan?

Patients should inform their doctor if they are pregnant or breastfeeding before undergoing the test.

Risk Factors of FDG-PET Scan

FDG-PET scans are generally considered safe, although there is a small risk of radiation exposure.

Cost of FDG-PET Scan

The cost of FDG-PET Scan in Delhi is between INR 11,950 to INR 23,900 at Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre, you can avail of it at 50% discount.

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FDG-PET Scan (PET Scan)


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Test Price ₹ 11950 ₹ 23900
Frequently Asked Questions

An FDG-PET (fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography) scan is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses a radioactive tracer known as FDG to produce images of the inside of the body.

The FDG-PET scan is used to diagnose certain cancers like lymphoma, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, melanoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, multiple myeloma or brain cancer. The tracer used in the test gets absorbed by the more active cells, this cellular activity is enhanced due to certain diseases like cancer or inflammatory diseases. The tracer thus helps in detecting conditions and diseases.

An FDG PET scan is a painless scan technique. The contrast is administered into the veins of your arm or hand. You might feel a little tired or uncomfortable while you are lying on the scan table as you need to remain still during the test.

The contrast used in the FDG-PET scan is the FDG or F-18 fluorodeoxyglucose, it is a radioactive tracer that enhances the quality of images, helping in the diagnosis of diseases and conditions.

The FDG-PET scan is an effective diagnostic technology having a sensitivity of 43%-78%, a specificity of 93%-99%, and an accuracy of 62%-86%.

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