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f-18 choline pet scan

F-18 Choline PET Scan

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What is F-18 Choline PET scan?

A PET (positron emission tomography) scan is known as an imaging procedure which is using the Choline F-18 to assess the patients with the disease of the prostate carcinoma. While, the Choline F-18 is a special chemical tracer that is also known as fluoromethylcholine-18. This scan would further help in detecting the location of the recurrent prostate cancer that also returned even after any successful treatment of the patient’s prostate cancer.

The 18 F-Choline PET/CT will be quite useful in the imaging modality in the patients with any prostate carcinoma; it would further demonstrate the spread of your disease preoperatively along with the detection of the local recurrence after a radical prostatectomy.

Other Names

18 F-Choline PET/CT scan

Why is the Choline F-18 PET scan done?

Prostate carcinoma (prostate cancer) is considered to be one of the most common types of fatal cancer.

This cancer is said to typically occur in male prostate gland. Main functions of your prostate gland are generally to produce seminal fluid that would carry the sperm.

  • This scanning technique is usually considered to be the most effective imaging methodology for the assessment of patients with prostate cancer and breast cancer.
  • It is also recommended for the other imaging procedures as it owing to its efficiency and follows, when other diagnostic procedures would fail to diagnose the prostate cancer or the recurrence.
  • This helps in detecting the spread of cancer before any surgical procedure or recurrence of the disease after successful completion of radical prostatectomy.
  • It is also useful in detecting the spread of cancer that is metastic to distant sites such as  lymph nodes, bone, soft tissues or the distant viscera.
  • This methodology would allow the doctor to also select the highly effective treatment to further diagnose not only the large but also the small deposits of cancer inside and also outside your prostate gland.

How to prepare for F-18 Choline PET scan?

  • You should go for at least 6-10 hours of fasting as required.
  • You might have to change into a hospital gown.
  • Remove all the metallic objects from the body be it jewelry, spectacles, removable dentures, hair pins, etc.
  • Pregnant ladies must inform the doctor/ radiology nurse/ technologist, as the radiation may affect the fetus.

What is the procedure F-18 Choline PET scan?

To perform the procedure of F-18 Choline PET Scan, the mentioned below steps will be followed.

  • To perform a Choline F-18 PET scan, a special chemical tracer is injected into the vein of the patient.
  • It would take about one hour for the chemical tracer to be absorbed by the patient's prostate cancer cells.
  • Once the radioactive tracer absorbs properly, technician will take you to the scanning room for the scanning procedure.
  • We will ask you to lie on the scanning table on your back with arms above the head and the scanning table will be moved to the PET CT scanner.
  • PET CT Camera will take the images and make the following record.
  • Once the scan is complete, the technologist will slide you out of the scanner. The scanner would then detect the location of prostate cancer and locate its cells while displaying the result.
  • The complete procedure would take around 1-3hours. If the radiologist is satisfies with your scans, you would be sent back home and you can resume your routinely activities soon.

What is the cost of Choline F-18 PET scan?

At Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Centre, we are known for providing excellent service and care to its patients for decades. Lakhs of satisfied patients over the years!

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The cost of a Choline F-18 PET scan in Delhi varies depending on the diagnostic center. But it is between INR 18500 and INR 37,000.

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Test Type F-18 Choline PET Scan

F-18 Choline PET scan (PET Scan)


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Fludeoxyglucose F18 is known to be a radioactive tracer that would act as the glucose analog along with its use for the diagnostic purposes and in conjunction with the positron-emitting tomography (PET) that would be able to further localize the tissues with an altered glucose metabolism.

Because of the short half-life and the positron emission, also the18F is usually used in the molecular imaging of the biological and any biochemical processes; this would include any early detection of diseases and assessment of your treatment response by the positron emission tomography (PET).

An entire scanning procedure — which even includes the preparation time — would take about 1 hour to 3 hours at maximum.

It is seen that drinking plenty of the fluids after a scan would help flush it from the body. As a precaution, you might be further advised to further avoid prolonged close contact with any pregnant women, the babies or even the young children for few hours after the PET scan, as you would still be be slightly radioactive during this time duration.

The Fluorine F 18 decays by the positron, (β+) emission and it has half-life of about 109.7 minutes. The principal photons would be considered useful for the diagnostic imaging and - 511 keV gamma photons that are resulting from an interaction of an emitted positron with the electron.

The Fluorine-18 has ideal nuclear properties for PET, resulting in the high resolution, accessibility, and the marketability.

Furthermore, the nuclear properties of fluorine-18 would result in the low patient radiation burden.

It is seen that drinking water is highly encouraged to ensure ones hydration for the best test results.

You must continue to take your medications as they have been prescribed.

Moreover, If you are also diabetic, ask your healthcare professional about the diet and the medication, including any withholding of the insulin for about 4 hours prior to an exam (with exception of the insulin pump, because that is permitted).

Fluorine-18 Fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission

This is useful for any staging and also restaging of locally advanced carcinoma. However, sensitivity of the  whole-body scanner would be more limited in cancer part low-grade tumors.

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