MRI Scrotum

MRI Scrotum


What is MRI Scrotum?


Magnetic resonance imaging of scrotum allows you to focus on the epididymis, testis, and spermatic cord abnormalities. 


Why do you need an MRI Scrotum?


It is useful to characterize the unspecified scrotal masses sonographically to get before to surgical excision, the appearance of improvement can assist in determining that the tumor is a dense, or soft-tissue neoplasm.


Procedure of MRI Scrotum?


Having the testicles resting beside each other, the scrotal sac will be somewhat elevated. To aid in the absorption of ultrasound waves, a transparent gel is given to the scrotal sac. The technician next moves a mobile probe (the ultrasound transducer) across the scrotum. High-frequency sound waves are emitted by the ultrasound instrument.


How one is prepared for the MRI Scrotum process?


Do not eat or drink water 3 hours before the start of the scan as advised by the doctor and technician. However, prescribed medication with a sip of water is okay. One will change into a different outfit and no metal accessories are allowed due to magnetic imaging.


Required documents

Doctor's prescription slip

Documents related to medical history

Any valid ID proof for verification

After care

It is a safe test to undergo. Wait for sometime until report gets ready. Get normalize, collect report and reach Doctor for next stage treatment.


Cost of MRI Scrotum


This test costs around Rs.8000-9000/-.  Reach certified diagnostic centre like Ganesh Diagnostic as early as possible for best results.




Test Type MRI Scrotum
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