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bence jones protein, 24 hour urine

Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine

Book Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine Appointment Online at the best price in Delhi/NCR from Ganesh Diagnostic. NABL & NABH Accredited Diagnostic centre in Delhi offering a wide range of Radiology & Pathology tests. Get Free Ambulance & Free Sample collection from Home. 24 Hour Open.

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Book Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine Test at the best price in Delhi areas from Ganesh Diagnostic.

What are Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine? 

The Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine test is the most commonly used to diagnose and monitor multiple myeloma, cancer that affects the blood. Alternatively, an abnormal Bence-Jones test result could indicate that you have a specific form of malignant lymphoma. 

Why done? 

Following symptoms require this test

  • Bone pain or breaks
  • Weakness and swelling of the legs
  • High blood in calcium
  • Low levels of RBC or white blood cells or platelets
  • Problems with the nervous system include pain, numbness, or weakness.

How does one prepare for the test? 

Strenuous activity and the following medicines and drugs should be avoided

  • Antidepressants and amphetamines
  • Physical or emotional stress
  • Caffeine
  • Bananas
  • Withdrawal from drugs or alcohol

Note: Consult your doctor before stopping or altering any drugs.

Urine Bence Jones Protein Test Procedure

  • On day 1, urinate into the toilet as soon as you wake up, then collect the toilet for the next 24 hours to avoid infection.
  • On day 2, urinate into the container you left out earlier that day.
  • During the collection period, tightly cover the container and keep it in a cool place.

Required documents

Doctor prescription for 24-hour urine Bence Jones proteins.

After care

After a 24-hour urine collection, no particular type of treatment is required. Depending on your circumstances, your doctor may give you extra advice after the therapy.

Cost of Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine in Delhi

The Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine test cost varies INR 200 to INR 1750 by region and facility. So constantly get tested at trustworthy diagnostic centers like Ganesh Diagnostic. It is staffed by trained and experienced professionals to assure patient and visitor safety.

Test Type Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine

Bence Jones Protein, 24 Hour Urine Test (Urology)


Within 24 hours*

Test Price ₹ 300 ₹ 600
Frequently Asked Questions

The Bence Jones protein in general refers to the urinary protein that would be able to leave the specific solution at about approximately 56^oC under the particular conditions of the ionic strength with specific pH and it returns to the solution once further heating to 100^oC. This represents the homogeneous population of the kappa or lambda-type light chains.

The Bence-Jones proteins are not usually in the urine. The presence of the Bence-Jones proteins in urine could indicate the multiple myeloma or if there are another rare conditions that are called as the Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia. About 50% to even 80% of the people with the multiple myeloma also the Bence-Jones proteins in urine.

The normal results for Bence Jones Protein are that no Bence-Jones proteins are seen or found in urine sample.

At temperatures of 45°-60°C - It is seen that Bence-Jones proteins have apparently the unique and the characteristic property of the precipitating along with the temperature range 45°-60°C, of the redispersing upon the boiling situation, and when it is re-precipitating post subsequent cooling.

It is in general proven that the analysis and the statistical significance among different  results of  the protein BJ in further detection of MM having obtained sensitivity of about 47.4%, the specificity of 91.3%, the PPV and NPV value of 50% and 90.4%, respectively.

Bence Jones protein urine test is the 24-hour test. When the person would be able to need to collect the urine which passes over the 24-hour period, along with components of the urine change over course of particular day and event. The healthcare team would provide the container for its collection.

The Renal impairment in the MM is also mostly seen on excretion of the light chains (Bence Jones protein). Casts of the tubules, leading to the atrophy and finally leading to kidney failure.

It is also seen that the Deposition of the light chain along with amyloid in glomerulus which further leads to disease of nephrotic syndrome.

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