VDRL quantitative test

VDRL quantitative test

What is VDRL quantitative test?

VDRL quantitative test is a nontreponemal test, utilized for screening syphilis because of its effortlessness, responsiveness, and minimal expense. Quantitative assessment of VDRL is fundamental in treatment assessment.

How the example is gathered for testing?

VDRL test permits medical care proficient to draw your blood. Blood is for the most part drawn from a vein at the wrinkle of the elbow or the rear of the hand.

Is any test readiness required?

This test doesn't expect you to make any readiness.

How to induce from the experimental outcomes?

  • Assuming your test returns negative for syphilis antibodies, the outcome proposes that you don't have syphilis.
  • Assuming that your test returns positive for syphilis antibodies, you most likely have syphilis. A treponemal test is frequently used to affirm the positive test.

For what reason do you want this test?

Your primary care physician will in all likelihood arrange a VDRL test assuming that there's an opportunity you have syphilis. Early side effects that might provoke your primary care physician to arrange this test include:

  • one little, effortless sore
  • enlarging in lymph hubs close to the sore
  • a skin rash that doesn't tingle
  • a standard piece of your consideration on the off chance that you're pregnant.

Are there any dangers for this test?

At the point when the needle is embedded to draw blood, certain individuals might feel moderate torment. This before long disappears.


Nothing altogether

Cost of VDRL quantitative test in Delhi:

VDRL Titer - Syphilis-Quantitative expense in Delhi is at Rs. 279.



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