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Ultrasound Twins

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Are you searching for the best imaging centre to book an ultrasound twins? You are at the right place. Get Twins Ultrasound scan at an affordable cost in Delhi NCR areas from GDIC (Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre).

What is ultrasound twins?

There is a larger chance of difficulties with twin pregnancies than singletons, such as twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), selective fetal development restriction, and preterm labor. 

Ultrasound twins or ultrasound in twins pregnancy is a rapid, non-invasive, painless and safe method for diagnosing and managing these potential problems. It utilises sound waves rather than ionising radiations.

Why it is done?

The most common indications of ultrasound in twin pregnancies are:

  • To determine the gestational age of fetus.
  • Evaluation of chorionicity and amnionicity.
  • Diagnosis of twin or multifetal pregnancy.
  • Evaluation of amniotic fluid volume.
  • Detection of fetal complications such as:
    1. TRAP: Twin reversed arterial perfusion.
    2. TOPS: Twin polyhydramnios-oligohydramnios syndrome.
    3. TTTS: Twin-twin transfusion syndrome.
  1. Fetal demise.
  • Evaluate Placental positioning and its abnormal variants.
  • Detection of congenital malformations in fetus.
  • Monitoring of pregnancy and planning the mode and date of delivery etc.

How does one prepare for the test? 

To prepare for a twin pregnancy ultrasound scan, follow these simple steps:

  • No fasting is required. You can take your daily meals and medications unless otherwise specified by your Healthcare professional. 
  • Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes and remove all kinds of metallic objects.
  • Bring your prescription with doctor’s sign and stamp as per PC-PNDT Act.
  • Bring your previous reports.
  • Please carry your valid id proof.
  • On the day of ultrasound imaging, don't apply any powders, lotions, or cosmetics on your body parts that need to be evaluated.

What is the Procedure for Twin Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Before the scan begins, remove ornaments and change into a hospital gown that is provided to you by the assisting technician. You will be asked to lie on the examination table. Your sonographer will first apply a clear gel over the abdominal region and then a hand-held transducer is moved over it which sends high-frequency sound waves to body tissues and organs. Once the procedure is over, tissue paper will be used to wipe off the gel.


Twins ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless and fast imaging modality that is safe in pregnancy as it doesn’t utilize ionizing radiations or contrast agents rather it utilizes sound waves. Thus, no aftercare is required. You may resume your routine activities soon after the test.

Cost of Twin Pregnancy Ultrasound in Delhi?

The cost of Twin pregnancy ultrasound or Ultrasound Twins generally varies with city and location. Various diagnostic and imaging centers in the same city charges differently according to the quality of machines they provide and the offers currently availing in them. Charges may also vary if color doppler ultrasound is used rather than a traditional ultrasound scan. 

It is recommended to get this test done from a reputed diagnostic centre in order to achieve accurate results. The cost of Twin pregnancy ultrasound scan in Delhi starts at INR 4000 to 8000, depending on the area or amenities. 

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Test Type Ultrasound Twins

Ultrasound Scan Twins (Ultrasounds)

  • Wear a loose-fitting cloth
  • Fasting not required
  • Carry Your ID Proof
  • Prescription is mandatory for pregnant female patients with a doctor’s sign, stamp, with DMC/HMC number; as per PC-PNDT Act. 

Within 3-4 hours*

Test Price ₹ 4000 ₹ 8000
Frequently Asked Questions

A twin pregnancy is type of multifetal pregnancy where you have
two fetuses instead of one inside your womb. Although the
occurrence of multifetal pregnancy is around 1% of all pregnancies,
its incidence is increasing nowadays due to infertility treatments,
IVF (in vitro fertilization) and various ART (assisted reproductive
technology) procedures.

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