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Ultrasound Guided FNAC

To diagnose a suspicious mass, a small needle is inserted to remove several cells, which are then examined under a microscope. This process is known as ultrasound...

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To diagnose a suspicious mass, a small needle is inserted to remove several cells, which are then examined under a microscope. This process is known as ultrasound guided fine needle  

Aspiration cytology (USG-guided FNAC). 

It can be used to aspirate cysts from the breast, thymus, lymph nodes, liver, lung, and other organs. The method is employed to identify several inflammatory diseases including 

Cancer. The test helps monitor the effectiveness of tumor treatment. 

It uses no ionizing radiation, has no known side effects, and gives a clear image of soft tissues that are difficult to see on x-rays.

Why is USG guided FNAC Test Done?

Your doctor may ask for a USG-guided FNAC test for several different reasons.

  • FNAC tests are frequently used in the diagnosis and treatment of several medical disorders, including cancer and inflammatory conditions. The following list includes a few of the more frequent justifications for performing FNAC tests:
  • A doctor may advise a USG-guided FNAC test when a suspicious-looking lump or mass of tissue has been found beneath the skin.
  • When a tumor is being treated, a USG-guided FNAC test may also be performed. An FNAC test is anticipated to offer information on the development.
  • To collect tissue mass for a thorough evaluation into a continuing tumor state, an FNAC test guided by a USG may also be performed.

What is the procedure for USG guided FNAC Test?

The technologist will give you detailed information about this test.

Preparation for USG-guided FNAC Test

There is no preparation needed for USG guided FNAC Test

Cost of USG-guided FNAC Test

The cost of Ultrasound Guided FNAC  Test near me in Delhi ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 6,000

Test Type Ultrasound Guided FNAC

Ultrasound Guided FNAC (Ultrasound


Within 3-4 hours*

Test Price ₹ 2750 ₹ 5500
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