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Uroflowmetry is a diagnostic test used to evaluate the speed of flow of urine, how long it takes and how much flows out. It also assesses how well the urinary tract functions. It is usually suggested if you experience symptoms such as low stream of urine, trouble urinating, less discharge of urine and many more.

Why is the Uroflowmetry done?

Uroflowmetry test helps doctors find out the root cause behind urinary tract complications, the reason behind the blockage that causes a low stream of urine, pain while urinating, irregular urine discharge and many more. It helps the doctor in preparing an accurate treatment plan according to the root cause of the problem to ensure no other severe health issues.

What is the procedure for the Uroflowmetry?

The uroflowmetry test examines the rate of flow of urine to evaluate the function of the bladder and sphincter function.

  • The test is performed using a Uroflowmetry machine
  • You will be asked to urinate into a funnel-shaped device.
  • To interpret the results, uroflowmetry will be analysed.
  • Uroflowmetry measure the speed, quantity and total time taken for urine.

How does one prepare for a Uroflowmetry?

  • Come for the test with fairly full bladder
  • Don’t urinate for a few hours before the test
  • Drink plenty of liquids to have enough urine for the test.
  • Inform technologist/ radiologist in case of pregnancy
  • Inform the technologist/ radiologist about all the medicines, herbs, vitamins, and any supplements you are taking.


No special care is required.

Uroflowmetry Price

The price of uroflowmetry test in Delhi ranges from Rs. 2000 To Rs 5000.

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Test Type Uroflowmetry

Uroflowmetry (Urodynamic Study)


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Test Price ₹ 2400 ₹ 3000
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