Urine Specific Gravity Test

Urine Specific Gravity

Book URINE SPECIFIC GRAVITY Test at the best price in Delhi NCR, India from GDIC (Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre). GDIC is a NABL Accredited Diagnostic centre in Delhi offering a wide range of lab tests.

What is urine specific gravity test?

A pee explicit gravity test looks at the thickness of pee to the thickness of water. This speedy test can assist with deciding how well your kidneys are weakening your pee.

How is the urine specific gravity test done?

An example for a pee explicit gravity test contains somewhere around 1 to 2 driblets of pee. The best chance to get an example is the first thing when your pee is the most focused.

Is any test arrangement required?

  • quit taking any prescriptions that could impede the experimental outcomes, like those containing sucrose or dextran.
  • need to hold back to step through the examination assuming you've as of late been given intravenous difference color for an X-beam or MRI filter.
  • You ought to likewise eat a decent eating routine in the days paving the way to the test.

How to surmise from the experimental outcomes?

High pee explicit gravity can show that you have additional substances in your pee, for example,

  • red platelets
  • white platelets
  • precious stones
  • microbes

Strange explicit gravity results could demonstrate:

  • abundance substances in the blood
  • kidney sickness
  • disease, like a urinary lot contamination
  • cerebrum wounds

For what reason do you really want this test?

Explicit gravity testing is valuable assuming that your medical services supplier thinks you have any of the accompanying circumstances:


cardiovascular breakdown

diabetes insipidus

kidney disappointment

kidney disease

urinary parcel contamination

Are there any dangers for this test?

There are no dangers in this test.

After care for the urine specific gravity test

Nothing altogether.

cost of urine specific gravity test

specific gravity test is practically accessible in every one of the urban areas. urine specific gravity Cost in Delhi is ?85.

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