Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio

urine protein creatinine ratio

Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio

The Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio test is used to determine the amount of protein in the urine and to evaluate kidney function. 

How the example is gathered for testing?

The lab technician may request you to provide a sample of your urine in a small container. The urine maybe collected as a 24-hour urine sample or at a random time at the discretion of the doctor. The collected sample is then tested in the laboratory.

Is any test readiness required?

No special preparations are required; simply follow your healthcare provider's instructions.

How to derive from the experimental outcomes?

If the Protein Creatinine Ratio test results are negative, it means there is no extra protein in the urine at the time the test is conducted. Excessive protein in the urine might be an indication of a major health problem. An increase in protein might be a symptom of kidney disease or damage.

For what reason do you really want this test?

The P/C test is used as part of a normal urinalysis to identify diseases that generate protein in the urine and to track disease progression and therapy success.

Are there any dangers for this test?

It isn't of major clinical concern. 

After care:

Based on results, the doctor may suggest additional tests for accurate diagnosis.

Cost of urine protein/creatinine ratio test in Delhi:

The approximate cost of this test is Rs. 365 to Rs 500.

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Test Type Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio

Urine Protein Creatinine Ratio Test (Pathology Test)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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