Urine For Potassium

urine for potassium test

Urine For Potassium

What is Urine for the Potassium test?

A potassium pee test actually looks at the degree of potassium in your body. Getting a pee test to decide how much potassium is in your body can assist you with changing your potassium levels for better by and large well-being.

How is the example gathered for testing?

There are two unique potassium pee tests: a solitary, arbitrary pee test and a 24-hour pee test. For a solitary, irregular pee test, you will be approached to pee into an assortment cup at your PCP's office or at a lab office.

For a 24-hour pee test, you will gather all of your pee from a 24-hour window into an enormous compartment.

Is any test planning required?

No planning is vital for this test.

How to deduce from the experimental outcomes?

Ordinary Results For grown-ups, ordinary pee potassium values are for the most part 20 mEq/L in an arbitrary pee test and 25 to 125 mEq each day in a 24-hour assortment. The bottom or elevated urinary level might happen relying upon how much potassium is in your eating regimen and how much potassium is in your body.

What Abnormal Results Mean : A higher than typical pee potassium level might be expected to:

  • Dietary issues
  • Kidney issues, for example, harm to kidney cells called 
  • Muscle harm

For what reason do you really want this test?

Your supplier might arrange this test assuming you have indications of a condition that influences body liquids, like parchedness, heaving, or the runs.

It might likewise be done to analyze or affirm problems of the kidneys or adrenal organs. 

Are there any dangers to this test?

There are no dangers with this test.

Aftercare for this test

Nothing explicitly

Cost of this test

Urine for potassium test in Delhi is at ? 150.0

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100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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