Urine For Chyle Test and Its Price in India

Urine For Chyle

Urine For Chyle

The chyle in urine test checks for the level of fats such as triglycerides and cholesterol in the urine that correlates with the occurrence of chyluria.

How the sample is gathered for testing?

Wash the hands thoroughly and collect the pee in the clean container and seal it. A sample of urine was randomly collected to determine the amount of fat in the urine.

How to derive  from the experimental outcome?

After adding a few drops of 5% of acetic acid to 1ml of chylous of urine, urine was centrifuged for 3 minutes at 3000 rpm. If it clears, it indicates phosphate, which can be confirmed by examining the deposit under microscope.

The reason to take this test

The Urine for Chyle test is often called Chyluria is performed on sample of urine randomly to determine the amount of fat in the urine. It helps to diagnose galactonuria.

Urine for chyle test procedure

After centrifugation, 10ml of supernatant urine is mixed with 1ml of reagent in a cuvette at 37 degrees Celcius. After 5 minutes, absorbance was measured at 540nm against blank and the concentration was extrapolated against absorbance of the standard.

Price of urine for chyle test

The cost of urine for a chyle test varies from Rs 400 o Rs 1000 in India.

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Urine for Chyle (Pathology Tests)


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