Urine Bile Salts and Bile Pigments - Test, Procedure & Cost

Urine Bile Salts And Bile Pigments

Urine Bile Salts and Bile Pigments Test

It is a chemical test employed to notice the existence of bile pigments in urine. Bile salts are found in the urine in specific diseases for example jaundice, and liver diseases, which can be evaluated through this test.

What are Bile Salts?

Bile salts are the chemicals that help the body to eliminate destructive chemicals and cholesterol. Bile salts are also learned as biological detergents.

What are Bile Pigments?

Bile pigments are the element that develops endogenously during the disintegration of haemoglobin. Bilirubin and biliverdin are two bile pigments. Both pigments are essential for the test done for the detection of bile salts.

Bile Salt Test

This test is accomplished to discover the existence of bile salts/pigments in urine.

Bile salts/pigments are present in urine in diseased situations. This test can be performed to discover certain illnesses like jaundice and other liver diseases.

  • To diagnose the existence of bile salts in the urine, a smith's test is performed.
  • Gmelin's test is done to discover the existence of bile pigments in urine.

Smith's test

Article required

Smith's reagent


Test tube

Measuring cylinder

Urine specimen


Grab a sterile and parch test tube

Utilizing a measuring cylinder put 1 ml of smith's reagent into the test tube

Get the urine sample in the dropper and grasp the test tube in an inclined position and gradually add urine to the sides or walls of the sample tube.

Observe the difference and report the color of the solution

Observation and Conclusions

If the green color ring is constructed at the junction of both layers, this demonstrates the existence of bile salts in the urine.

Foam test for Bilirubin: 

Urine is retained in a small vial and energetically shaken. The bile pigments will smudge the resulting foam.

There is yellowish foam in the possibility of urine bilirubin.

In ordinary urine, the foam will be white.

Sulphur Granule test for Bile Salts:

Carefully drizzle the sulphur granules over the texture of the urine.

We can also use water as the supervision.

In the possibility of bile salts, sulphur will decide at the bottom.

In the possibility of negative urine, sulphur granules will stay on the surface.

Diseases Associated with Bile Pigment Anomalies

The main disorder is jaundice which is due to anomalies of bile pigments. Extra accumulation of pigments in the bloodstream is the major cause of jaundice.



Test Type Urine Bile Salts And Bile Pigments

Urine Bile Salts and Bile Pigments Test (Pathology Test)


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