Ultrasound Gluteal Region Test and Its Cost

Ultrasound Gluteal Region

Ultrasound Gluteal Region

The gluteal muscles help keep the upper body and pelvis stable, help you move around, and extend the hip. The gluteal muscles function on the hip joint, primarily to aid in thigh abduction and extension, although some also aid in thigh adduction, external rotation, and internal rotation.

Why is it done? 

This test is used to diagnose the below symptoms:

Hip or buttock pain
• Getting swollen or inflamed
• Sitting down is hard.
• Walking with a limp
• There is less movement in the hips.
• When the hip rotates, it hurts.
• Pain at night, which sometimes keeps them from sleeping.

What is the procedure for the Gluteal Region Ultrasound (U/S) Test?

The Sonography Technician will explain. 

How does one prepare for the test? 

No preparation is needed. You should wear loose-fitting clothing.

After care: 

No care is required.

The cost of a gluteal region ultrasound test in Delhi: 

The price of a Sonography (Ultrasound / USG) Gluteal Region Test in Delhi starts at INR 3000 and varies depending on the diagnostic centre. It is recommended that a reputable diagnostic clinic perform this test.



Test Type Ultrasound Gluteal Region

Ultrasound Gluteal Region Test (Ultrasounds)

  • Wear a loose-fitting cloth
  • Fasting not required
  • Carry Your ID Proof
  • Prescription is mandatory for pregnant female patients with a doctor’s sign, stamp, with DMC/HMC number; as per PC-PNDT Act.

Within 3-4 hours*

Test Price: ₹ 3000
100% Safe & Hygienic

100% Safe & Hygienic

Affordable Pricing

Affordable Pricing

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Service

View Report Online

View Report Online

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