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Typhidot IgM Rapid Card


The Typhidot test is a rapid serological test that helps health professionals diagnose typhoid fever. A bacterium called Salmonella typhi causes this fever. When this bacterium invades the body, the immune system releases two types of antibodies, IgG and IgM, to fight the bacterium. The Typhidot test is a ready-to-use dot ELISA kit designed to individually and qualitatively detect and differentiate these antibodies against the outer membrane protein (OMP) of Salmonella typhi.

Typhoid fever is one of the most prevalent diseases in the Indian environment. Heat is spread through contaminated food, drinks, and drinking water. This is a life-threatening disease that requires prompt diagnosis to ensure adequate treatment for potential carriers and prevent outbreaks of typhoid fever.

What are the steps of the Typhidot test?

The Typhidot IgM test involves the following steps:-

Wrap a rubber band or tourniquet tightly around your upper arm. You will be asked to make a tight fist. This fills the vein with blood and makes it easier to draw blood. Once the vein is found, wash the area with an antiseptic solution. It prevents bacteria from entering the body. Insert the needle into the vein and collect a blood sample into a vacutainer tube. The lab technician takes out the needle and unties the rubber band. Then you can open your fist. Use gauze or absorbent cotton to stop bleeding. The blood sample is then added to the Typhidot test kit and combined with the chemicals or reagents contained in the test kit. The test kit provides results within 1-3 hours.

How do I interpret the results of the Typhidot IgM Test?

The Typhidot IgM Test is designed to detect IgM and IgG antibodies produced by the body's immune system against salmonella typhi, a 50 kilodalton outer membrane protein bacterium. This test uses nitrocellulose strips impregnated with OMP antigens to separate IgG and IgM antibodies. A negative test kit result indicates no infection. However, typhidot IgM positive means or indicates a recent infection. After analyzing the results, the doctor can prescribe the appropriate treatment.


Typhoid fever is widely recognized as a serious health problem in our country. Moreover, with the emergence of new strains, this health condition can become very harmful. Therefore, the importance of early diagnosis cannot be denied. Typhidot IgM is an advanced diagnostic tool for accurate disease detection and rapid treatment.



Test Type Typhidot IgM Rapid Card

Typhidot IgM Rapid Card Test (Pathology Test)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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