MRI Orbit With Contrast - Test, Procedure & Cost

mri orbit with contrast test

MRI Orbit With Contrast

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An MRI scan makes images of your orbits and the nearby nerves, muscles, and tissues using magnets and radio radiation. An intravenous (IV) line can be used to administer a contrast agent, often known as a dye, to help visualize specific structures or anomalies.

Why is MRI Orbit with Contrast Done?

  • Your doctor might ask for an MRI just of your orbits. Your doctor may request an MRI of the orbits for a variety of reasons.
  • Vision problems or loss of vision
  • Arterial lesions
  • Anticipated tumors or malignancies
  • Meningioma of the optic nerve sheath
  • Optic nerve inflammation
  • Optic nerve tumor
  • Proptosis
  • Oblique abscess
  • Inflammation
  • Myopathy of the eyeballs
  • Thyroid eye disease

What is the procedure for MRI Orbit with Contrast?

MRI Radiologist will explain the procedure for MRI Orbit with Contrast.

Risk Factors

The MRI procedure itself has no dangers. You have an extremely slim possibility of developing an allergy to a contrast solution. You should let medical professionals know if your kidney function has decreased. If this is the case, using a contrast solution might not be safe.

Cost of  MRI Orbit with Contrast

The cost of MRI Orbit with Contrast near me in Delhi ranges from INR 11000 to INR 13000.

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Test Type MRI Orbit With Contrast

MRI Orbit with Contrast Test (MRI Test)


Within 4-6 hours*

Test Price ₹ 7000 ₹ 14000
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