MRI Brain + CEMR + Screening Cervical Spine and Dorsal Spine + MRI Region Of Interest - Test, Procedure & Cost

mri multiple sclerosis protocol

MRI Multiple Sclerosis Protocol

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) plays an important role in Multiple Sclerosis (MS) diagnosis, disease monitoring, predict the future events and helps in treatment planning.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disorder, it happens when own immune system attacks the brain and spinal cord. It causes wide range of symptoms like difficulty in hand and les movements, vision problems, sensation (tingling or burning), difficulty in balance and also causes systematic problems.

To detect the Multiple Sclerosis (MS), MRI sequences is studied to evaluate the disease, these are:

  • MRI Brain
  • CEMR (Contrast enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging)
  • MRI Screening of Cervical Spine and Dorsal Spine
  • MRI ROl (Region of intrest)

Why do you need MRI Multiple Sclerosis Protocol?

There are no definitive diagnostic procedures for Multiple Sclerosis (MS). MRI displaying plaques or sclerosis on the brain and spinal cord, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can aid in diagnosis. Additional tests that can support the diagnosis include visual evoked potentials, optical coherence tomography (OCT), and lumbar punctures.

Test Parameters Description
MRI Brain The Brain MRI would help your doctors look to for the various conditions such as the bleeding, the swelling, problems with brain development tumors, infections, inflammation, damage from an injury or a stroke, or problems with the blood vessels. 
CE MRI In case of the Contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging (CEMRI) of the brain would be a promising new method for an identification of an irreversible tissue injury in your body.
Screening of Cervical Spine This Screening of the cervical spine in the MRI would evaluate the anatomy of the 7 cervical spine bones or your spinal cord. It can also be used to look for the injuries in an area. The cervical spine of the MRI help doctors to further evaluate the symptoms such as any pain, the numbness, tingling or the weakness in arms, shoulders, or the neck area.
Screening of Dorsal Spine The Thoracic spine would be the central part of spine, also called as the dorsal spine, which is seen to run from base of the neck to bottom of your rib cage. The thoracic spine is also going to provide flexibility of holding the body upright and if it protects organs of your chest.
MRI ROI This involves the extraction of any signal from the specified regions of interest (ROI's). Three approaches to your ROI analysis are best described along with strengths and the assumptions of each method being outlined in Multiple Sclerosis Protocol.

What is the preparation for Multiple Sclerosis?

  1. Inform you healthcare provider if you are wearing any metal including jewelry, sunglasses or clothes with metal. Metal interferes with the MRI machines ability to produce clear images. Even metallic dental prosthesis, braces and dental fillings also interferes.
  2. Inform your doctor if you have claustrophobia. In this case sedatives or open MRI machine is used to scan.
  3. Fasting is required in case of uncooperative patients because sedation is required.
  4. For contrast administration Kidney status is monitored
  5. Bring prescription if you allergic to any medicines or previous medical papers and reports.

What is the procedure for MRI Multiple Sclerosis Protocol?

The procedure will take 40-90 minutes but time may vary according to the individual’s situation. MRI contrasting agent is administered through IV in an arm. The patient is advised to stay still during the scanning procedure and may ask you to hold your breath for several seconds.

After the MRI scanning, patient need to drink an adequate amount of water for few days to flush the dye out of your body.

If patient have any problem like shortness of breath, inform your doctor.

Obtained images is assessed by the radiologist to look for findings, lesion characterization and monitoring of Multiple Sclerosis.

Cost of Multiple sclerosis Protocol

The price of MRI multiple Sclerosis protocol varies from Rs 11,000 to Rs 65,000/

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Test Type MRI Multiple Sclerosis Protocol

MRI Multiple Sclerosis Protocol (MRI Scan)


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