MRI Brain With MRS and Its Price

mri brain with mrs

MRI Brain With MRS

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Brain with Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy (MRS) is a non-invasive diagnostic and imaging test. It is used to detect biochemical changes in the brain. It confirms the presence of the tumor, and its anatomical location by comparing the chemical composition of normal brain tissue and abnormal tumor tissue.

Why is an MRI brain with MRS Done?

  • Measure the chemical metabolism of tumor.
  • Determine the type of tumor
  • Detect the changes in the brain tissues in the case of stroke and epilepsy.

How do I prepare for MRI Brain with MRS?

Remove metal-containing objects from your body and your pocket.

Inform the doctor/ radiologist/ technologist before your scanning procedure if you have any of the following

  • Pregnancy
  • Metal implants inside your body such as a pacemaker, surgical clips, stunt, aneurysm clips, etc.
  • Claustrophobia
  • Allergy from contrast dye
  • Don’t consume caffeinated products and beverages before the procedure.

What is the procedure for an MRI brain with MRS?

You may be given contrast dye through an IV line before the scanning procedure if needed. You lie on a moveable table with your head placed on a headrest and arms at your sides.  The technologist places a coil over the area to be imaged and slides the table into the scanner. As the scanning proceeds, you hear a loud sound. Once the scanning is overs, the technologist slides you out of the scanner.

Side Effects

There are no side effects associated with MRI Brain with MRS but some patients are sensitive to contrast media and may experience allergy symptoms.

Cost of MRI Brain with MRS

The cost of an MRI Brain with MRS near me in Delhi ranges from INR 8000 to INR 19000.

16000 8000 Pay Now Limited Offer


Test Type MRI Brain With MRS

MRI Brain With MRS (MRI Scan)

  • Remove the object that contains Metal, such as Jewellery, Hair Clips, watches, Rings, or any other similar object.
  • You must inform the technologist, radiology nurse, and/or physician if you have allergies, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or are on medication.
  • No fasting is required.
  • Doctor’s Prescription.
  • Bring all documents related to medical history.
  • Carry Your ID Proof.

Within 4-6 hours*

Test Price: ₹16000 ₹ 8000
100% Safe & Hygienic

100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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