Malarial Parasite Test With Cost

Malaria Parasite Test

Malaria is a contagious infectious disease that is caused by parasites of the genus Plasmodium. It is spread via the bite of an infected mosquito. P. falciparum is one of the species that can cause malaria in humans. Vivax, Plasmodium malariae, Plasmodium ovale, and Plasmodium falciparum are all parasites. 

The malaria parasite test is a blood smear test. It is performed to determine whether malarial parasites are present in the blood or not. It helps the doctor in determining the type and quantity of malaria parasite you have in your blood.

Why is Malaria parasite test done? 

* To determine whether the malarial parasite is present in your blood or not. 
To monitor the progress of treatment. Once you started improving, the doctor may recommend a follow-up test to ensure that the medicine is working correctly.
If you have any of the signs or symptoms of malaria, such as a fever with shaking chills, shivering, headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, profuse perspiration etc.

Procedure for malaria parasite test

The technician will extract blood from an arm vein. Then a blood smear slide is examined under a microscope to determine whether it contains the malarial parasite or not. It is possible to get malaria if you have a positive test result. Still, a negative test result shows that you do not have a malarial parasite.

How does one prepare for the test? 

No preparation is needed.

Required Documents for malaria parasite test:

* Doctor prescription
A valid government ID

After Care: 

No particular type of care is required.

Cost of malaria parasite test in Delhi: 

The malaria parasite test cost varies by region and facility. It usually ranges from INR 120 to INR 200.

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Test Type Malaria Parasite Test

Malaria Parasite Test (Haematology Test)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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