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jc virus dna detection pcr

JC Virus DNA Detection PCR

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The John Cunningham Virus is another name for the JC Virus. It used to be called Papovavirus till a few decades ago. The virus shares genetic similarities with the BK Virus and SV40. Many other disorders, including PML and immunodeficiency, are brought on by the virus. Individuals who contract this virus stop being able to fight illnesses. It checks for evidence of the illness using little amounts of DNA. The test detects the likelihood of an infection by amplifying or producing copies of a particular sequence.

JC Virus DNA, PCR Test Preparation

  • The patient needs to psychologically get ready for the examination.
  • The best technique for collecting samples will be suggested by doctors.
  • Patients may choose to donate tissues, organs, or stool samples. Cell lines may occasionally be removed from the patient. They can maintain their way of life.

The JC Virus DNA and PCR Tests Applications

  • The JC Virus is tested via PCR. Moreover, it is crucial for forensics, paternity tests, mutation detection, cloning, microarrays, and genotyping. 
  • PCR is a method that medical professionals use to find JC virus DNA.
  • The process is quick, repeatable, and simple to carry out.
  • Neurological disorders are present, according to PCR tests.
  • PCR can be used to identify the patient's symptoms and signs of CNS diseases.
  • This approach comes in a wide variety.
  • The quantitative approach is utilised to examine cancer cell counts in individuals undergoing therapy as well as viral infections.


  • Samples are collected in authorised facilities as part of the JC Virus DNA, PCR test procedure.
  • The samples ought to be suitable. It must be appropriate tissue, cell lines, or faecal samples.
  • The liver or lung can both be used to collect tissue samples. Individual tubes are used to send the samples to the labs.
  • It's necessary to have two or more faecal pellets. 1 x 106 cells per cell line should be collected during the procedure.
  • The cell lines are packaged in plastic bags or other containers and carefully sealed.
  • At -80 degrees Fahrenheit, the samples are kept safe. They are gathered and moved right away.

What is the Cost of JC Virus DNA Detection PCR 

The average price for JC Virus DNA Detection PCR  test is seen to differ from one center to another. The price range is said to be between INR 1500 to Rs.8500 in Delhi, India.

Test Type JC Virus DNA Detection PCR

JC Virus DNA Detection PCR (Pathology)


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Test Price ₹ 2500 ₹ 5000
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