Histopathology Skin Biopsy Test and Its Cost

Skin Biopsy Panel

Skin Biopsy Panel

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Whats Is Histopathology Skin Biopsy?

Histopathology skin biopsy is a procedure that removes a small sample of skin for testing under a microscope. This test is performed to diagnose/ detect skin cancer, skin infections, and skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema. This is also known as skin cancer biopsy, basal cell biopsy, squamous cell biopsy, or melanoma biopsy.

Types of Histopathology Skin Biopsy

The type of biopsy you get depends on the size and location of the skin lesion.

• Punch biopsy : To perform this biopsy, the health care provider will use a special circular tool over the abnormal skin area and rotate it to take a small piece of skin, and then the sample will be taken out. In case of a large skin sample, you may get stitches to cover the biopsy site.

• Shave biopsy : To perform this biopsy, the health care provider will use a razor or a scalpel to take a sample from the top layer of the skin.

• Excisional biopsy : To perform this biopsy, the healthcare provider will use a scalpel to remove the abnormal area of the skin and will close the biopsy site with stitches.

Why is Histopathology Skin Biopsy used?

The doctor recommends a skin biopsy to diagnose/ detect the skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, bacterial or fungal infections of the skin, and Skin cancer at its early stage. If the patient is experiencing certain skin symptoms such as persistent rash, scaly or rough skin, Open sores, mole, or abnormal growth

What is the procedure for Histopathology skin biopsy?

You will get an anaesthetic before the procedure and the procedure depends on the type of skin biopsy you are getting.

Risk Factors and Side Effects

You may experience little bruising, bleeding, and soreness at the biopsy site. If you experience these symptoms for a long duration, you are advised to talk to a healthcare provider.

Cost of Histopathology skin biopsy

The cost of a Histopathology skin biopsy near me in Delhi ranges from INR 1,230 to INR 1,330



Test Type Skin Biopsy Panel

Skin Biopsy Panel Test (Histopathology Test)


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