Histopathology Liver Biopsy Test and Its Cost

Liver Biopsy Panel

Liver Biopsy Panel

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What is Histopathology Liver Biopsy Test

Histopathology liver biopsy is a procedure to remove a small piece of liver tissue to be examined under a microscope. It is performed to diagnose/detect the signs of damage or disease of the liver. The doctor recommends liver biopsy when the doctor finds a liver problem in blood tests or imaging studies. It is also used to detect the severity of the liver disease.

Types of Histopathology liver biopsy:

There are various types of liver biopsy.

Percutaneous liver biopsy
Transjugular biopsy
Laparoscopic biopsy.

 Why is Histopathology liver biopsy Done?

Doctors recommend a liver biopsy to diagnose the problem with a liver that can't be identified with other tests
• Monitoring the severity of the liver disease.
• Developing the treatment plans for the liver's condition
• Determine the working of liver disease treatment
• Monitor the condition of the liver after a liver transplant
• If the patient experience unexplained fever
• In case of unexplained abnormal liver test results, tumor or other liver abnormalities seen on imaging tests

What is the Procedure for the Histopathology liver biopsy?

The procedure depends on the type of liver biopsy performed. Your healthcare provider will explain the whole procedure.

How one should prepare for Histopathology liver biopsy?

You may ask to stop the pain relievers, and Blood-thinning medications.
• You may be instructed to stop a certain type of dietary supplements to prevent the chance of uncontrolled bleeding
• You will be instructed for pre-biopsy blood tests to check the blood’s ability to clot.
• 6-8hours of fasting is required.

Risk factors

No risk factors are involved in this procedure.

Cost of Histopathology liver biopsy

The cost of Histopathology liver biopsy near me in Delhi ranges from INR 1800 to INR 2000.



Test Type Liver Biopsy Panel

Histopathology Liver Biopsy Panel Test (Histopathology Test)


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