Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) PCR Test Cost & Procedure

Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) PCR

Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) PCR

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What does a positive anti-HDV test mean?

Positive results typically point to concurrent acute or chronic HBV and HDV coinfection, acute HDV infection in individuals with known chronic HBV infection (i.e., HDV superinfection), or resolved HDV infection. Findings should be compared to clinical findings and medical history.

What is the HDV PCR quantitative normal range?

This assay's quantitative range is 120 - 5,800,000 IU/mL, or 2.1-6.8 log IU/mL.. A positive HDV total antibody test result could mean that you have an acute infection, a chronic infection, or a prior infection that has healed.

What is a quantitative HDV PCR test?

HDV RNA can be found in serum or plasma using the HDV Real-time RT-PCR test. Nucleic acid is extracted from the sample, viral RNA is reverse-transcribed, followed by cDNA amplification and detection utilizing real-time, quantitative PCR.

HDV treatable?

For HDV, a remedy is still lacking. Pegylated interferon alfa is the medication that is most frequently recommended until physicians find better alternatives (peg-IFNa).

It may result in severe symptoms, life-long liver damage, and even death.

HDV is the most serious type of hepatitis, while being uncommon in the US. It may eventually result in liver failure or liver cancer.

  • Yellow eyes and skin (jaundice)
  • upset stomach
  • abdominal pain vomiting fatigue
  • I'm not hungry.
  • aching joints
  • dark feces
  • stool with a light color
  • HDV can exacerbate your hepatitis B symptoms if you already have them.

Causes of Hepatitis D

If you come in contact with someone who has HDV and their blood or other bodily fluids, you could contract it. But, you can only get sick from it if you have hepatitis B. The "B" strain of hepatitis is necessary for HDV to survive.

Two things can cause this:

Co-infection: Both HBV and HDV can be acquired simultaneously.

Hepatitis D is most frequently acquired in this manner.

Risk Elements

Your risk of contracting hepatitis D increases if you:

  • possess hepatitis B
  • drug injection
  • sexually assault a person who has hepatitis B or D

possess hepatitis B and HIV

  • You have sex with men.


This could occur if you:

  • Have intercourse with a virus-carrying person
  • Share drug-injecting needles
  • If you have the virus, touch your open sores.
  • Get a needle stick from a patient who has the disease.
  • Share personal objects like toothbrushes and razors that may have come into contact with blood from an infected person.
  • Although it is uncommon, moms can also infect their unborn children with HDV.

A diagnosis of hepatitis D

Your doctor will examine you after asking you questions about your symptoms and lifestyle. Your blood will be tested for several hepatitis kinds. if you own it

Test Type Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) PCR

Hepatitis Delta Virus (HDV) PCR (Pathology Test)


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Test Price ₹ 3650 ₹ 7300
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