Hepatitis B Antigen (HbsAg) Australian Antigen Test Cost & Procedure

HbsAg Australian Antigen

Hepatitis B Antigen (HbsAg) Australia Antigen

This test is used in the labs for the diagnosis of infectious hepatitis.

Why is this antigen known as Australian Antigen?

It is said so because it was extracted from a person in Australia by an American Research physician.


This is a condition in which the patient's liver swells up because of any infection or disease. This disease is proven to affect the working of the liver. This can last for many days too.

The various types are.

  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis D
  • Hepatitis E

Hepatitis A

It occurs for a short term and is caused by the hepatitis A virus.

What should you know about hepatitis B?

This is a chronic condition caused by the hepatitis B virus.

Hepatitis C

This is a chronic condition that is most commonly seen in patients.

Hepatitis D

This is a less commonly seen type of hepatitis in conjunction with hepatitis B.

Hepatitis E

This is seen in the cases of poor and underprivileged people. It is mainly acquired through water.


  • Medications
  • Poisons
  • Alcohol
  • Chemicals
  • Supplements
  • Genetics

Signs and symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Pyrexia
  • Body aches
  •  pain in stomach
  • Dark urine
  • Loss of appetite
  • Yellow skin

What is hepatitis B antigen?

Hepatitis B surface antigen is a protein that is seen in the blood of the patient who is infected by this disease. If this test is positive, it means you are suffering from this infection and can cause this to others, too, through blood.

Why is this test used?

This test is used with other confirmatory tests.

How does Hepatitis B spread?

1. Sexual contact: This can be passed to you if you've had close contact with the patient.

2. Needle sharing- This may also cause infection if the same needle of an HBV-positive patient is inserted in you.

3. Mother to child: This disease can spread to the child from the mother while being in the women.

There are sequences of testing for the disease, they include

1. Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg):

Antigens are substances that adhere to the surface of the Hepatitis B virus and can be diagnosed by this test.

2. Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs):

Antibodies are the fight response that occurs after antigen. These may occur after a few months and weeks.

3. Total Hepatitis B core antibody

This is seen when symptoms are seen. This is done to distinguish between acute and chronic hepatitis.



Test Type Hepatitis B Antigen (HbsAg) Australia Antigen

Hepatitis B Antigen (HbsAg) Australia Antigen Test (Pathology Test)


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