G6PD Mutations Detection Test

g6pd mutations detection test

G6PD Mutations Detection

This test examines G6PD levels in the blood. G6PD is an enzyme that helps red blood cells function properly. Red blood cells transport oxygen from the lungs to every cell. Your cells require oxygen to survive and flourish.

A lack of G6PD causes G6PD insufficiency. This is a male-specific genetic disease. Red blood cells can be destroyed by G6PD deficiency. Hemolytic anemia occurs when the body's ability to replace red blood cells is slowed. With hemolytic anemia, your cells don't get enough oxygen.

Why done? 

If you have hemolytic anemia, you may need a G6PD test. These are:

  • Fatigue
  • Pale skin or jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and eyes
  • A fast heart
  • Breathlessness
  • Yellow-orange urine

If your baby's jaundice lasts longer than two weeks and isn't caused by another condition, a G6PD test may be required. 


>>You'll have blood extracted from an arm vein. 

How does one prepare for the test? 

>>No preparation is needed.

Required documents for G6PD Test

  • Doctor prescription. 
  • A valid government ID.

After care

>>Leave the dressing strip on for 15 minutes. No particular type of care is required.

Cost of G6PD Test in Delhi

The G6PD Test or Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase Test cost varies by region and facility. So constantly get tested at trustworthy diagnostic centers like Ganesh Diagnostic. It is staffed by trained and experienced professionals to assure patient and visitor safety.

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Test Type G6PD Mutations Detection

G6PD Mutations Detection Test (Hematology)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

100% Safe & Hygienic

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Affordable Pricing

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Ambulance Service

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