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amylase fluids

Amylase Fluid

The pancreas and salivary gland produce the protein called Amylase, which helps in digesting carbohydrates. The amylase, the Fluid test helps in calculating the level of amylase in the peritoneal/ pleural fluid. The excessive amount of amylase in the fluid. The elevated level of amylase indicates that the patient can have serious problems related to the pancreas such as acute as well as chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic pseudocyst, etc.  

Why is Amylase, Fluid Test Done?

It is suggested when the patient shows symptoms related to pancreas disorders.

Loose and foul-smelling stool
• Vomiting
• Appetites problem
• Upper abdomen pain
• Fluid accumulation in the abdomen

It also evaluates the impact of the treatment.


2 hours of fasting
• Don’t take liquor for 24 hours.
• Certain medicines alter the amylase level. Give information to the doctor about your medicines. 


To diagnose, pancreatitis, the amylase, a fluid test is conducted on peritoneal or pleural fluid 

As the test has no underlying risks or side effects, so after the procedure, there is no restriction on anything.

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Amylase Fluids Test (Pathology Test)


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