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thyroid colour doppler

Thyroid Colour Doppler

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What is thyroid color doppler?

Thyroid color doppler is a type of ultrasound imaging technique that is commonly used for screening, diagnosing and monitoring patients with Thyroid disorders. It evaluates the soft tissues of thyroid gland and provide real time speed, direction and pattern of blood flow in thyroid vessels

Color doppler imaging of thyroid gland is a fast technique for the evaluation and assessment of Thyroid disorders which are very common in females. Also, it offers high sensitivity and specificity in differentiating benign thyroid nodules from malignant ones.

Why is it done?

Your doctor may recommend a Thyroid Color doppler scan to evaluate the following:

  • Focal thyroid nodule.
  • Multi-focal thyroid nodules.
  • Thyroid malignancy.
  • To differentiate between benign and malignant lesions of thyroid gland.
  • To analyze the vascularity pattern of thyroid lesions.
  • Metastatic Cervical lymph nodes from Thyroid cancer.
  • Sub-acute, acute or chronic Thyroiditis.
  • Post-partum thyroiditis.
  • Grave disease.
  • Pre-operative evaluation of blood flow in thyroid gland.
  • To guide procedure such as an Ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy or an Ultrasound guided ablation of Thyroid nodules.

How does one prepare for Thyroid Colour Doppler Scan?

No fasting is required for thyroid color doppler scan. Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes. On the day of ultrasound imaging, don't apply any powders, lotions, or cosmetics on your body parts that need to be evaluated. Avoid tobacco chewing or smoking before the test as it may alter test results. 

What is the procedure for Thyroid Colour Doppler?

Before the scan begins you need to remove ornaments from your neck. You will be asked to lie on the examination table. Your Radiologist will then apply a special gel/lubricant over your neck area for the smooth gliding of probe over it and a transducer/probe will be moved over the neck region which sends high frequency sound waves to the thyroid gland and adjacent structures. 

At the end of scan, tissue paper will be given to clean the gel/lubricant from the neck surface.

After Care:

Thyroid Color Doppler scan is a rapid, non-invasive, painless and safe imaging tool as it doesn’t utilize ionizing radiations or contrast agents rather it utilizes sound waves for depicting any underlying pathology of thyroid gland and its blood flow.  Thus, no aftercare is required. You may resume your routine activities soon after the test.

Cost of Thyroid Colour Doppler Scan in Delhi?

Cost of Thyroid Color doppler ultrasound generally varies with city and location. Various diagnostic and imaging centers in the same city charges differently according to the quality of machines they provide and the offers currently availing in them. 

It is recommended to get this test done from a reputed diagnostic centre to achieve accurate results. The cost of Thyroid Color doppler scan in Delhi starts at INR 1500, depending on the area or amenities. 

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Thyroid Colour Doppler (Colour Doppler)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Thyroid color doppler scan is known by various names such as:

  • Thyroid color doppler ultrasound
  • Color doppler scan for thyroid gland
  • Thyroid CD scan
  • Thyroid doppler USG
  • Thyroid color doppler test.

Fasting is not required for thyroid color doppler scan. You can take your usual meals and medications before undergoing thyroid doppler ultrasound.

Yes, you can drink water before this scan.

Thyroid doppler scan is a painless, rapid, non-invasive and safe technique that is used for the evaluation of various pathological conditions affecting the thyroid gland. It has become one of the most popular imaging tools for identification and assessment of many clinical and sub-clinical thyroid disorders.

Thyroid color doppler ultrasound is a safe procedure with no side effects as it utilizes sound waves and a computer to provide anatomical details as well as details of blood flow through arteries or veins of the thyroid gland. It doesn’t utilize ionizing radiations, and thus considered to be safe.

There are several advantages of Color doppler Ultrasonography/USG thyroid gland such as:

  • More detailed visualization of thyroid gland.
  • High sensitivity and specificity in differentiating benign thyroid nodules from malignant ones.
  • Provide real-time speed and direction of blood flow through thyroid blood vessels.
  • Rapid technique. 
  • Non-invasive and almost painless.
  • Affordable and cheap as compared to other techniques such as CT scan or MRI scan.
  • Doesn’t utilize ionizing radiations.
  • No need for intravenous/oral contrast agents which are usually used in the other imaging tools.
  • Help in the evaluation of Grave disease, Sub-acute thyroiditis, acute or chronic thyroiditis, Focal thyroid nodule, multi-focal thyroid nodules, thyroid malignancy, thyrotoxicosis, post-partum thyroiditis, lymphocytic thyroiditis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, hyperthyroidism.

Thyroid doppler ultrasound usually takes about 15-20 minutes for detailed evaluation. However, it may last longer depending the severity of condition and the associated co-morbid conditions.

Availability of thyroid doppler USG report varies from centre to centre. Ganesh Diagnostic centre provide reports on the same day.

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