Thyroid Color Doppler? What It Is, Purpose, Procedure and Results

Thyroid Color Doppler? What It Is, Purpose, Procedure and Results

Thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped, endocrine gland situated at the front of neck above your larynx/voice box.

What is Thyroid Color Doppler?

Thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped, endocrine gland situated at the front of neck above your larynx/voice box. It secretes hormones such as T3 and T4 when stimulated by TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) which is secreted by the anterior lobe of pituitary gland.  Thyroid hormones play many important functions in our body and a vital role in regulating BMR (basal metabolic rate).

Thyroid color doppler is a type of ultrasound imaging commonly used for screening, diagnosing and monitoring of patients with Thyroid disorders. It is based on the principal of Doppler effect and provide real time speed, direction and pattern of blood flow in thyroid vessels.

Color Doppler imaging of thyroid is painless, non-invasive, safe and rapid technique for the evaluation and assessment of Thyroid disorders which are very common now-a-days. Also, it offers high sensitivity and specificity in differentiating benign thyroid nodules from malignant ones.

Why do I need Thyroid Color Doppler?

Thyroid Color Doppler has now become one of the most popular imaging technique for identification and evaluation of many clinical and sub-clinical thyroid disorders and is indicated in a variety of clinical settings including:

1) Grave disease

2) Sub-acute, acute or chronic Thyroiditis

3) Focal thyroid nodule

4) Multi-focal thyroid nodules

5) To analyze the vascularity pattern of thyroid lesions

6) Diffuse parenchymal disease of thyroid gland

7) Thyroid malignancy

8) Metastatic Cervical lymph nodes from Thyroid cancer

9) To differentiate benign from malignant lesions of thyroid gland

10) Thyrotoxicosis

11) Post-partum thyroiditis

12) Lymphocytic thyroiditis

13) Hashimoto’s thyroiditis

14) Hyperthyroidism

15) Post-operative evaluation of blood flow in thyroid gland

16) Ultrasound guided thyroid biopsy

17) Ultrasound guided ablation of Thyroid nodules

18) To monitor therapeutic response in patient with thyroid disorders

19) Vessel mapping to prevent damage/injury to thyroid vessels before inserting any procedural devices such as needles or electrodes.

How do I prepare for Thyroid Color Doppler?

Follow these simple steps if you are going for a Thyroid Color Doppler scan:

1) Take an appointment- Fix an appointment in a diagnostic center having the facility of Thyroid Color Doppler ultrasound.

2) Clothing- Wear loose and comfortable clothes so that your body part which is being scanned can be assessed easily.

3) Food and medications- You can take your daily meals and usual medications unless otherwise specified by your clinician. No fasting is required.

4) Hygiene- Maintain hygiene and do not apply oils, creams or cosmetics over the area which need to be scanned.

5) Smoking/Tobacco- Avoid smoking or tobacco chewing before the test as nicotine in these substances may case vasoconstriction which may alter the test results.

6) Reports- Carry your relevant medical and lab reports such TSH profile while going for Thyroid Color Doppler. These may help in better evaluation of your condition.

What is the procedure for Thyroid Color Doppler?

The procedure for Thyroid Color Doppler scan may involve the following steps:

1) Before the scan begins you need to remove ornaments and clothes from your body to expose the neck region .

2) You will be then asked to lie on the examination table.

3) A technician may then measure your Blood pressure.

4) Your Radiologist will then apply a special gel/lubricant over your neck area for the smooth gliding of probe over it.

5)Then a transducer/probe will be moved  over the skin of neck region which sends high frequency sound waves to the body parts. These sound waves are reflected by the moving blood cells such RBCs and are recorded by the ultrasound machine and converted into images or graphs of different colors depicting the blood flow pattern, direction and speed of blood flow in real time. These images will be interpretated to assess your condition.

6) At the end of scan, tissue paper will be provided to clean the gel/lubricant from the skin surface.

7) You will be allowed to leave once the scan is over.

What happens after Thyroid Color Doppler?

Thyroid Colour Doppler test usually takes about 15-20 minutes. However, it may lasts longer depending the severity of condition and the associated co-morbid conditions. You will be allowed to leave immediately after the test.

After the procedure got over, your Radiologist will analyze the result and make a diagnosis of your condition. You will get the results on the same day. Your report will be evaluated by your Clinician to make a proper management plan of your condition.

What is the price of Thyroid Color Doppler?

Thyroid Color Doppler price generally vary with city and location. Various diagnostic and imaging centers charges differently according to the quality of services they provide and the offers currently availing in them. Colour Doppler sonography charges also vary with the body parts which need to be examined.

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