Obstetrical Color Doppler : A Complete Guide, Everything You Need Know

Obstetrical Color Doppler : A Complete Guide, Everything You Need Know

Obstetrical Color Doppler Ultrasound is an important imaging technique which is used in pregnancy to check the patency, direction and speed of blood flow in maternal as well as fetal vessels.

Obstetrical Color Doppler Ultrasound is an important imaging technique which is used in pregnancy to check the patency, direction and speed of blood flow in maternal as well as fetal vessels. It is commonly done in third trimester of pregnancy. However, in high risk pregnancies it may be done at an earlier stage.

It is indicated for screening, diagnosis and evaluation of many pregnancy associated conditions and pathologies, as well as maternal and fetal monitoring in such conditions. It also provides guidance in deciding time of delivery in such cases.

Color Doppler ultrasound is a non-invasive, painless and fast modality of imaging which is safe in pregnancy as it doesn’t utilize ionizing radiations or contrast agents rather it utilizes sound waves for depicting any underlying pathology of maternal or fetal blood flow.  These sound waves when reflected from moving blood cells are collected by the ultrasound machine which generates color coded details of blood flow.

Why do I need a color Doppler in pregnancy?

Color Doppler in pregnancy is indicated for the screening and evaluation of the following:

1) Uteroplacental circulation

2) Fetal circulation

3) Fetal anemia

4) Placental insufficiency

5) Pre-eclampsia

6) Maternal Diabetes Mellitus

7) Twin pregnancy

8) Oligohydramnios

9) Evaluation of fetal heart for congenital anomalies such as Tricuspid regurgitation.

10) Fetal tumors

11) Intra Uterine Growth Restriction (IUGR)

12) Twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS)

13) Post-term pregnancy

14) Maternal auto-immune diseases such as Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APLA) or Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE)

15) Maternal isoimmunization

16) Fetal hypoxemic hypoxia

17) Pre-term and pre-labor amniorrhexis

18) Fetal Renal agenesis

19) HELLP Syndrome (Hemolysis, Elevated liver enzymes, Low platelet count)

20) Gestational hypertension

21) Placenta Accreta.

What are the types of Color Doppler in pregnancy?

Various sub-types of Color Doppler which are included in Obstetrical color Doppler scan and are done in pregnancy include:

1) Uterine artery Doppler

2) Umbilical artery Doppler

3) Fetal Middle cerebral artery Doppler

4) Fetal Ductus Venosus Doppler

5) Doppler scan of fetal heart

6) Doppler scan of Fetal Aorta

How do I prepare for an obstetrical Color Doppler ultrasound?

Follow these simple steps before going for an obstetrical color doppler:

1) Take an appointment- Schedule your appointment in a diagnostic center having the facility of Obstetrical Color Doppler ultrasound.

2) Food and medications- You can take your daily diet and medications unless otherwise specified by your Healthcare professional. Usually No fasting is required.

3) Clothing - Dress yourself in loose and comfortable clothes so that your body parts which need to be scanned can be easily assessed.

4) Hygiene- Maintain hygiene and do not apply oils or creams over the area which need to be examined.

5) Reports - Carry your relevant medical and lab reports while going for obstetrical Color Doppler test. These may help in better assessment of your condition.

6) Smoking/Tobacco- Avoid smoking or tobacco chewing before the test as nicotine in these substances may cause vasoconstriction which may alter the test results.

7) Take a company- Get accompanied by a family member or a friend to have emotional and physical support.

What is the procedure for Obstetrical Color Doppler Ultrasound?

The procedure for Obstetrical Color Doppler ultrasound may include the following steps:

1) Before the scan begins you need to remove ornaments and clothes from the body part which is being examined.

2) You will be then asked to lie on the examination table.

3) Your Radiologist will then apply gel/lubricant over your abdomen region for the smooth gliding of probe over skin surface.

4)Then a transducer/probe will be moved  over the skin which sends high frequency sound waves to the body parts. These sound waves are reflected by the moving blood cells such RBCs and are recorded by the ultrasound machine and converted into images or graphs of different colors depicting the direction and speed of blood flow in real time. These images will be interpretated to assess your condition.

5) At the end of scan, tissue paper will be provided to clean the gel/lubricant from your abdominal surface.

6) You will be allowed to leave once the scan is over.

What happens after an obstetrical color Doppler?

Obstetrical color Doppler usually takes about 30-60 minutes. However, it may last longer depending upon the severity of illness, associated co-morbid conditions or multifetal pregnancy. Soon after the test, you will be allowed to leave.

After the procedure got over, your Radiologist will analyze the result and make a diagnosis of your condition. You will get the results on the same day or the next day. These reports will be evaluated by your Obstetrician to make a proper management plan for your current pregnancy.

What is the price of Obstetrical color Doppler?

Obstetrical color Doppler is an advanced imaging tool which is used for screening and diagnosing a large number of abnormalities in the early period of gestations as well as in late trimesters. It is also used for monitoring intrauterine development of fetus such as in cases of IUGR (intra uterine growth restriction) and pregnant females with eclampsia or gestational hypertension. It is a must have test in High risk pregnancy.

Obstetrical Color Doppler ultrasound price generally vary with city and location. Various diagnostic and imaging centers charges differently according to the quality of services they provide and the offers currently availing in them.

Obstetrical Color Doppler test is an advanced imaging modality that is available at limited diagnostic centers as it requires costly and modern equipments to perform the scan. So, if you don’t want your money to be wasted then choose the best diagnostic center.

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