Calcium Blood Test at Home, Symptoms

Calcium Blood Test at Home, Symptoms

The calcium blood test is a crucial diagnostic tool used to evaluate the levels of calcium in the bloodstream.

The calcium blood test is a crucial diagnostic tool used to evaluate the levels of calcium in the bloodstream. Calcium plays a key role in maintaining overall health including bone health, muscle function, nerve transmission, and hormone secretion. Keeping the right balance of calcium is important for overall fitness and well-being but if there are abnormalities in calcium blood level must go for the test to know the exact cause of the condition

What Are the Symptoms Associated With an Abnormal Calcium Level?

In case of high calcium level 

In case of low calcium level 

What Are the Causes of Abnormal Calcium Levels in Blood?

  • Hypomagnesemia: It is a condition when there is an unusually low level of magnesium in your blood as magnesium is required to make and release parathyroid hormone (PTH), so during low magnesium levels not enough PTH is produced and blood calcium levels are also lower (hypocalcemia).
  • Pancreatitis: This disease also affects the calcium level in the blood and approximately 15% to 88% of people who have acute pancreatitis will have hypocalcemia
  • Pseudohypoparathyroidism: This is an inherited disorder in which your body is unable to respond properly to the normal amount of parathyroid hormone (PTH). your body acts in such a way that it does not have enough PTH level despite of normal level in the blood
  • Vitamin D deficiency: Vitamin D helps your body to absorb calcium so if it is not taken properly its deficiency can lead to a low level of calcium in the blood. It can be caused by inherited disorder when not getting enough sunlight or due to a less rich vitamin D diet.
  • Kidney failure: Hypocalcemia in this condition is due to low Phosphorus levels in blood and decreased production of certain types of Vitamin D from renal tissues.

Diagnosis and Test

Test available to Diagnose this condition

If Hyperparathyroidism is causing Hypercalcemia your provider may likely recommend an imaging test to check for the presence of any outgrowth and the size of the parathyroid gland Different imaging tests for this purpose include:

What to See Before Choosing the Blood Test Centre for a Calcium Test?

  • The lab should be experienced and well-reputed
  • They must have trained and experienced Staff
  • They should have a quick response Time
  • Must have well maintained Labs to carry out different blood tests
  • They should be available 24*7*365 days
  • They must have transparency in pricing
  • The lab should be NABH & NABL approved 

What is the Procedure for Blood Home Sample Collection for Calcium Tests?

Scheduling an Appointment: Patients can schedule an appointment for blood home sample collection with Ganesh Diagnostic and Imaging Center Pvt Ltd. Patients can book an online appointment(Click here) or call the centre directly. 

Verification and Preparation: Once your appointment is scheduled, confirm the details and inquire about specific preparation instructions inform your doctor about the medication, and fasting if required for any particular tests.

Home visit of Healthcare professional: A trained healthcare specialist (such as a nurse or phlebotomist) will arrive at your home on the scheduled day. They will bring the necessary equipment to collect the blood sample.

Labelling of Blood Sample and Transportation: The blood sample will be tagged properly and transported to a laboratory for examination. after proper analysis of blood samples, the report will be generated online(Click here) to download the report or will be sent through SMS or WhatsApp.

Choose the Best Blood Lab Centre for Calcium Blood Tests in Delhi NCR

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What are the effects of hypercalcemia?

This condition can increase the risk of osteoporosis which leads to the weakening of bone, Osteopenia, brain and heart disease if not diagnosed and treated early, Improving your lifestyle will help manage this condition.

What are the effects of hypocalcemia?

This condition can increase the risk of osteomalacia, weak bones, metabolic disorders, weakening of bone, Osteopenia, and brain and heart disease if not diagnosed and treated early, Improving your lifestyle will help manage this condition.

How to Improve calcium Levels in blood?

  • Regular Exercise.
  • Stop smoking and drinking.
  • Get quality sleep.
  • Manage your stress level.
  • Eat a low-calcium-rich diet.
  • Maintain healthy body weight.

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