Autism Spectrum Disorder Test Cost & Procedure

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder

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Some individuals with ASD have a known abnormality, like a genetic disorder. Other causes are still unknown. The most typical ways that people develop are thought to be altered by a number of reasons that contribute to ASD, according to scientists. Individuals with ASD may act, speak, interact, and interact with the world differently than most other people. They frequently don't stand out from other people in terms of appearance. As an illustration, some ASD individuals may have advanced conversational skills whereas others may be non verbal.


  • Genetics
  • Environmental factors


Social interaction and communication

A person with autism spectrum condition, whether a child or an adult, may struggle with social skills and communication, which could include any of the following symptoms: occasionally seems not to hear you or fails to answer when you call his or her name resists being held and cuddled, and appears to prefer playing alone and withdrawing into their own world. lacks facial expression and makes awkward eye contact does not speak, speaks slowly, or loses their capacity to speak in words or sentences as they once did. unable to initiate or maintain conversations, or only initiates them to make requests or categorise things

uses an unusual tone or rhythm when speaking, and their voice may seem robotic or sing-song. repeats phrases or words verbatim but lacks comprehension of how to use them.

Doesn't seem to comprehend simple instructions or questions lacks emotional expression and a sense of awareness of others' feelings does not bring objects to share interest or point at them approaches a social engagement in an improper way by acting passive, hostile, or disruptive has trouble reading nonverbal cues, such as facial expressions, bodily postures, or voice tones of others.

Pattern of behaviour

whether they are a child or an adult: carries out motions that are repeated, such hand flapping, spinning, or rocking demonstrates behaviours that could lead to self-harm, such as biting or head-bashing develops precise routines or rituals and is bothered by even the smallest disruption has difficulty coordinating their movements or exhibits unusual gaits, such as clumsiness or walking on their toes.


Social interaction, communication, and behaviour issues can result in:

  • issues with learning successfully at school
  • problematic employment
  • not being able to live independently
  • Tension within the family Isolation from society
  • bullying and being a victim

Test Type Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder (Pathology Lab)


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Test Price ₹ 22500 ₹ 45000
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