Ascitic Fluid Culture and Sensitivity (Auto) Test Cost & Procedure

Ascitic Fluid Culture and Sensitivity (Auto)

Ascitic Fluid Culture and Sensitivity (Auto)

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Ascites are fluid buildup in the peritoneal space, the term for the abdominal cavity. This substance is known as ascitic fluid. The Culture and Sensitivity Ascitic Fluid test determines what is causing this fluid to form. Transudate and exudate are the two leading causes of this fluid buildup. Differentiating between these causes is much easier,r thanks to our analysis. Often, ascitic fluid is translucent or yellow. The data are analysed this way because the colour variation indicates the presence of medical issues. This test can detect severe disorders like pancreatitis, TB, and others.

Applications of the Ascitic Fluid Test for Culture and Sensitivity:

  1. The Sensitivity and Culture There are several uses for ascitic fluid tests. To differentiate between the causes of fluid buildup:
    • Both exudate and translate
    • To identify the precise reason for fluid accumulation
  2. To research the risk of chronic illnesses like cancer, pancreatitis, etc.
  3. To assess any abdominal irritation of any form
  4. To determine whether there are any fungi, viruses, or bacteria in the cavity to investigate cancer risk.

Preparation for the Ascitic Fluid Culture and Sensitivity Test:

The ascitic fluid should be collected when the abdomen is empty. To prepare the bladder for the test, you must urinate before it. You should dress appropriately for the process, as described below. When it comes to the medications you use regularly, consult your doctor. Certain medicines have an impact on the outcomes and should be avoided.

Ascitic Fluid Test Method for Cultivation and Sensitivity:

  • The bed must be slanted 45 to 60 degrees for you to lie on it.
  • Ascitic fluid will be able to gather at the lower abdomen.
  • A big needle with a plastic sheath will be inserted once the doctor has cleaned a tiny skin patch.
  • The fluid is then collected in the sheath after removing the hand.
  • The sheath is removed, and the affected area is wrapped after the proper volume of liquid has been ordered.

Test Type Ascitic Fluid Culture and Sensitivity (Auto)

Ascitic Fluid Culture and Sensitivity (Auto) (Pathology Test)


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