Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma-45 Test and Its Price in India

amino acids quantitative, plasma-45 test

Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma-45

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Proteins are composed of amino acids. The evaluation is based on qualitative indicators such as colour change, precipitation reaction, or ring formation. The inborn errors of Amino Acid Metabolism can manifest at any time but become most evident in infancy and early childhood. The symptoms varies, depending on the type of disorder. 

The deficiency or high level of amino acids causes symptoms such as dark urine, delayed growth and development, lower immunity, and digestive problems.

Why is Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma-45 done?

An amino acids qualitative plasma:45 is conducted to determine whether a sample contains a certain amino acid in the sample or not. It is used to evaluate patients with possible Inborn errors of metabolism. It helps in the evaluation of endocrine disorders, liver diseases, muscle diseases, neoplastic diseases, neurological disorders, nutritional disturbances, renal failure, and burns.

If not diagnosed and treated can result in poor growth development delays, mental retardation, and death.


No special preparation required

What is the procedure for Amino Acids Quantitative Plasma:45?

2ml blood sample will be taken for procedure from the vein of the arm.

Cost of Amino Acids Quantitative Plasma: 45

The cost of Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma-45 near me in Delhi ranges from INR 5,000 to INR 5000.

Test Type Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma-45

Amino Acids Quantitative, Plasma - 45 Amino Acids (Pathology Tests)


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Test Price ₹ 2600 ₹ 5200
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