Alpha Fetoprotein (APF)

Alpha Fetoprotein (APF)

What is the Alpha Fetoprotein Test?

Alpha-fetoprotein (AFP Maternal or Maternal Serum AFP or msAFP screen) is a protein made in a newborn's liver. AFP crosses the placenta and into the mother's circulation during pregnancy. An AFP test analyses AFP levels in the second half of pregnancy. AFP levels in a mother's blood can indicate a birth defect or other issue.

An AFP blood test is used to assess the risk of birth abnormalities and genetic illnesses in a developing fetus, such as neural tube defects and Down syndrome.

Why done? 

Females who are at high risk of having children with birth abnormalities, such as the following, should have their AFP levels checked:

Women over age 35 with a family history of birth abnormalities who used medications or narcotics during their pregnancies and who are diabetic. 

• An AFP test helps detect and monitor liver diseases such as cancer, cirrhosis, and hepatitis. 

• It can also detect tumors of the: ovaries, biliary tract, stomach.

Procedure for alpha fetoprotein test in pregnancy: 

You'll have blood extracted from an arm vein.

How does one prepare for the test? 

No special preparation is required.

Required documents for Alpha Fetoprotein Test

Doctor prescription. 
• A copy of a valid government-issued identification card with the address is required.

After care: 

Leave the dressing strip on for 15 minutes. No particular type of care is required.

Alpha fetoprotein test price in Delhi: 

The alpha-fetoprotein test cost varies by region and facility. So constantly get tested at trustworthy diagnostic centers like Ganesh Diagnostic. It is staffed by trained and experienced professionals to assure patient and visitor safety.  



Test Type Alpha Fetoprotein (APF)

Alpha Fetoprotein Test (Pathology Tests)


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