Aldehyde Chopra Test For Kalaazar

Aldehyde Chopra Test For Kalaazar

Book Aldehyde Chopra Test For Kalaazar test at the best price in Delhi NCR, India from GDIC (Ganesh Diagnostic & Imaging Centre). GDIC is a NABL Accredited Diagnostic centre in Delhi offering a wide range of lab tests.

What is the Aldehyde Chopra Test for Kalaazar? 

The aldehyde test has been used in India's Kala-azar endemic areas for a long time, and it is still in use today. The jellification generated by the binding of the serum globulins to the formaldehyde is the basis for the testing procedure. Because serum globulin levels rise in a wide range of infections, this test is somewhat non-specific.

Why done? 

Positive reactions are reported in diseases like tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, and malaria. Further, the test is positive three months after infection and may remain positive for six months after cure. A speedy, accurate, field-friendly, and non-invasive approach to diagnosing kala-azar has long been sought to avoid the requirement for tissue specimens and previous constraints. Antileishmanial antibodies can be detected using several tests.

Procedure for Aldehyde Chopra Test for Kalaazar Test: 

Among the most common serological tests used to determine if someone has kala–azar are the DAT and the rk39 tests. These tests show antibodies against Leishmania in the body, which means that the parasite (antigen) is, or was, in the body.

How does one prepare for the test?  

No special preparation.
• Inform your doctor of any drugs, medical problems, or allergies. Your doctor will give you specific instructions.  

Required documents for Aldehyde Chopra Test for Kalaazar: 

• Doctor prescription.

• A copy of a valid government-issued identification card with the address is required.

After care: 

No particular type of care is required.

Cost of Aldehyde Chopra Test for Kalaazar test in Delhi: 

The Aldehyde Chopra Test For Kalaazar test cost varies by region and facility. So constantly get tested at trustworthy diagnostic centers like Ganesh Diagnostic. It is staffed by trained and experienced professionals to assure patient and visitor safety. 

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Aldehyde Chopra Test For Kalaazar Test (Hematology Test)


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