Wound Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test and Its Cost

Wound Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test

Wound Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test

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What is Wound Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test?

This test searches for microorganisms or different creatures in an injury. C&S swab gives data on the sort and measure of microorganisms present in the. Wound and the weakness of the microorganism will explicit anti-infection agents.

How the example is gathered for testing?

This test is finished with a little example of tissue or liquid from an injury. The example is gathered and shipped off the lab. 

Is any test arrangement required?

Obviously not

How to induce from the experimental outcomes?

The test is utilized to see whether an injury is contaminated. An adverse outcome implies that no living beings filled in the way of life from your injury. A positive outcome implies that microorganisms or different organic entities did develop and that your injury is contaminated.

For what reason does you really want this test?

You might require this test assuming your medical services supplier believes that your injury is tainted or then again on the off chance that you were chomped by a creature, bug, or individual. Side effects of a tainted injury include:

  • Redness
  • Expanding or another protuberance under the skin
  • Torment
  • Discharge or terrible smelling liquid depleting from the injury
  • The skin around the injury that feels hot to the touch

Are there any dangers for this test?

This test represents no known dangers.


You want not do think often about anything after the test, to wish you can think about your medical care supplier.

Cost of WOUND SWAB C/S test in Delhi:

Culture and Sensitivity, wound swab (manual) test cost from Rs 332



Test Type Wound Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test

Wound Swab Culture and Sensitivity Test (Pathology Tests)


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100% Safe & Hygienic

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