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Urea, Random Urine

Urea, Random Urine

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On the breakdown of the proteins, the urea is formed in the liver, further pass on to the kidneys in the blood, and removed in the urine.

The Urea, Random Urine test detects the amount of urea passed in urine in 24 hours. In some conditions, the liver is not able to produce the proper amount of urea by breaking down the protein and the kidney is unable to remove the urea in urine. 

The conditions that make an abnormal level of urea in the urine are kidney disease, abnormal protein intake when the protein breakdown in excessive amounts and malnutrition, etc.

Other Names

>>Urine urea nitrogen test.

Why is Urea, Random Urine Test done?

Checkout the renal functions
• Pinpoint the renal disorders/ disease
• Track the treatment response
• To figure out the protein need in a malnourished patient

Sample Type Required

>>10ml of random urine


>>The amount of urea in the urine implies whether the patient is suffering from renal disorders. 

Urea, Random Urine is an ideal test to detect kidney disorders and kidney health. Book your urea, and random test for the renal problem treatment at the earliest. 

Test Type Urea, Random Urine

Urea, Random Urine Test (Pathology Test)


Within 24 hours*

Test Price ₹ 95 ₹ 190
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