TMT (Treadmill) Test, Procedure & Cost

TMT (Treadmill) Test

TMT (Treadmill)

The TMT Test (Treadmill Test) is an electrocardiogram test performed while walking on a treadmill. It is to measure the reaction of the heart to excessive stress conditions. It is also known as cardiac stress test/ treadmill stress test/exercise stress test/exercise electrocardiogram. It is a commonly used test performed on patients with heart-related issues to determine the severity of heart diseases.

Why is the Treadmill Test (TMT Test) done?

TMT test is performed to determine the heart’s performance in strenuous situations. It is recommended by doctors to diagnose any cardiovascular disease. It is done for the reasons given below.

  • To diagnose heart arrhythmia.
  • To check for an irregular heartbeat.
  • It helps assess symptoms, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, and palpitations.
  • To monitor the blood supply by your heart while exercising.
  • To confirm if you have coronary artery disease
  • To determine the percentage of blockage of the heart.
  • To diagnose coronary heart disease.
  • To observe the working of valves of the heart.
  • To confirm if it is safe to perform a heart surgery like bypass etc.

What is the procedure for the Treadmill Stress Test (TMT Test)?

  • The procedure of TMT involves a patient having to walk on a treadmill.
  • Before walking on the treadmill, the technician will check your blood pressure and perform an ECG to measure the heart rate while the body is at rest.
  • An ECG monitor is attached to the patient that records the heartbeat throughout the test.
  • A technician will monitor you’re your ECG. 

How does one prepare for the Treadmill Test (TMT Test)?

  • 4 hours of fasting is required.
  • Don’t consume products having caffeine such as coffee, tea, or energy drinks at least 24 hours before testing.
  • Stop smoking or using tobacco products at least 48 hours before testing.
  • Talk to your healthcare provider if you are taking medication.
  • Stay relaxed as feeling anxious can affect your results.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and walking shoes.

After Care: 

After the test, you will be given water and asked to take rest.

Cost of Treadmill Stress Test (TMT Test)

Generally, The cost of TMT in Delhi ranges from INR 2500 to INR 3500  

3000 1500 Pay Now Limited Offer


Test Type TMT (Treadmill)

TMT Test (Treadmill Test) (Cardiology


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Test Price: ₹3000 ₹ 1500
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