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Stress Thallium Test In Haiderpur

Stress thallium test is a nuclear imaging diagnostic technique which is used to track the blood flow to your heart during rest and after exercise.

The thallium stress test is also known as Nuclear Stress test, Treadmill test, stress perfusion test and Cardiac SPECT.

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What Is Stress Thallium Test?

A stress thallium test or cardiac nuclear stress test is a diagnostic procedure used to detect the blood flow into heart. This will indicate the poor blood flow to hear or any damage in the heart.

What is Thallium Scan used for?

A thallium scan is used to detect the heart abnormalities. It is used to evaluate the following conditions-

  • Size and location of the damage heart muscle
  • Assess the blood supply to the heart
  • Previous history of heart attack
  • Evaluate the health of the heart under stress or while exercising.
  • To monitor the effectiveness of treatment

What is the procedure of Stress thallium test?

A Stress thallium test is cardiac diagnostic test in which radioactive tracer is injected via IV to the patient. This radioactive agent marks he blood flow which is captured by the Gamma – Camera.

This procedure includes two phases

  1. Resting segment
  2. Exercise segment

Resting segment – The patient is advices to lie down on the examination table for 15-45 minutes while radioactive tracer works via body to heart.  Than gamma-Camera scan the heart and capture the images.

Exercise segment- In this segment, patient is made to walk on treadmill under the supervision of specialist or your doc may give you some medication if patient is unable to do any exercise. After 30 minutes, scanning is done through Gamma-Camera. 

Than doctor will evaluate the recoded images and compare them to find out the how weak or strong the blood flow to the heart is.

What are the preparations patients need to do before stress Thallium Test?
Patient need fast 4 hours prior to the test.

Avoid consuming caffeinated products 24 before the test.

Patient must inform your doctor if you are taking medications and history of allergies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the side effects of stress thallium test?

The radioactive tracer is eliminated from the body via urine in a few hours. Complication due to radioactive tracers is rare. Some of the complication from the test are-



Irregular heartbeat

Variation in blood pressure

Skin rashes


Chest discomfort

Pain due to poor blood flow to the heart

What is the cost of the Stress Thallium test?

The cost of a thallium stress test near me in Delhi ranges from INR 10,000 to INR 12,000.  

What does abnormal result mean?

Results that are abnormal could mean:

The obstruction of one or more arteries that supply the heart muscle results in decreased blood flow to the area of the heart.

 In case of Heart attack- scarring is present in heart muscles

Any existing cardiac disease

An enlarged heart.